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Good conditions in mid-April anywhere?

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My birthday is April 11, and this year is a big one. I thought it would be fun to celebrate with a late season ski trip. Where would be a good place to go for the full week where conditions will still be pretty good? The only time I've skied in April previously was the first week of the month at Lake Louise. The main problem was that the steeper runs which I like were quite skied out and icy.

Please don't suggest A-Basin or Loveland. They are good areas for a day or two at a time, but I can't see skiing either or both for 5 days straight.

What about Mt. Bachelor or Jackson Hole? I've never been to either.
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johnb: Both Mt. Bachelor and JH are good choices for late season snow. Bachelor is one of the nicest spring mountains I've skied, and JH is legenday, at any time of year.

However, the trophy this year goes to Lake Tahoe. That region has gotten hammered non-stop for months, sometimes with dumps as deep as 5 feet. Their snow pack is enormous, and they'll run the lifts for as long as people show up.

In addition, the scenic beauty of the place is unmatched.

The only lack is they don't have much in the way to steep terrain.

Juuuust kidding! Mention any lack of steeps in Tahoe on this board and you'll soon have a smiling group at your door, with a rope - nicely looped.

It's a delicate topic.

Seriously, the terrain is as extreme as you have cahojnes for. The best tool for descending some of those chutes is a parachute.
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bachelor is a no-no this year

I second tahoe
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Copper and Breck will be open too.
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Tignes definitely. I would not look any further.

Wengen is a bit low though.
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Though with the amount of snow we'll be getting in Maine for the next couple of weeks- maybe a little spring skiing east coast style!
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Mammoth would be my first choice. High base elevation and lots of snow this year. May be the best place for spring skiing. Second choice would be Tahoe area, lots of choices and again lots of snow.
Have a great time where ever you go
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Agree with Snowbird and Alta. And the Bird has a great deal in april on lodging and lifts that is dirt cheap. Check www.snowbird.com
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Don't think you can go wrong in the Sierra this year. Mammoth will be great, I'm sure Alpine Meadows, Squaw, Heavenly, and Kirkwood will all still be great at that time. Classic Cali Corn (unless one of those big April dumps happens to come through and we all get to ski powder). Alpine starts selling their Spring Pass at the end of March which is around $100 and is good until the end of the season, so if you're doing more then 3 days there it's an even better deal then their $39 day rate.

I'm sure Utah will have great spring skiing too.
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