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Chocolate milk is a good recovery fluid used right after exertion .

I've been taking Magnesium and potassium in the morning and at lunch with some milk . I've had to teach in the morning ,afternoons and then have to be ready to run college kids around with high energy until 7 in the evening. Just these simple supplements have really made a difference in my strength all day long. Sometimes i feel like I could ski all day and night and a few times I have.
My daughter is an Ironman /triathlon athlete and found some studies supporting recovery and predosing for muscle deployment that gave me the idea to experiment with these simple supplements. She also found studies supporting good ol' chocolate milk as an efficient recovery elixir. I saw an article also in a recent ski mag.
 I try to eat a breakfast with proteins and then something like chowder or a PB&J for lunch.

I take 2 -250 mg Mag and 2 595mg Potassium three times a day sometimes(one dose later when resting and  tired) and twice a day usually.

I'm telling ya PB&J and chocolate milk is the true meal for champions. Who knew Mom knew best ?
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Garry, essentially, you need to replenish your muscles within 30 minutes of vigorous excercise, protein and carbs along with simple sugar, which helps to spike insulin, which helps the body to absorb certain nutrients.  However, a simple protien shake (Myoplex) with Glutamine added will really kick it up a notch.

PB&J on whole wheat with a glass of milk (the sugar's in the Jelly) or PB& Honey with a Banana (potasium and carbs) will accomplish much of this ^ Good job!
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