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Fischer RX6 Hard to Find (for demo or sale)

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I went to Fischer's web site to find dealers in my area, Burlington, VT, and then checked all for RX6 demos or sales. Interesting results. One said they no longer carried Fischer. One phone # disconnected. Two have RX9 but not 6, niether carries the 8! Checked web site for another listed in Plattsburg, NY and they no longer list Fisher.
What gives?
I obviously blew it last year when I did not get around to trying the RX6 at a shop that no longer has that model. I did try a Rossignol Z5 which seemed pretty good, but since it was the first shaped ski I had ever been on I did not want to buy without trying others. I then wanted to demo the Volkl 5* but they only had the 6. That was good but seemed too stiff for me. I am currently on very old Salomon EXP9000 at 200cm. Used to ski a lot when my kids were racing. They switched to Nordic racing in high school, so not a lot of Alpine in recent years. They are off to college now so I have choices on the weekend. So far I have continued doing more Nordic, for the conditioning. But I want to include Alpine, especially as the weather improves this time of year.
The shop where I previously demoed suggested trying the Nordica SUV12, but I am looking for other suggestions. I am still intrigued by all I read about the RX6 on this site, which has a fantastic level of activity and information.
I am 58 yo, 5' 11" and 180 lbs. I call myself an advanced intermediate. I prefer skiing groomed, mostly blacks. As long as it doesn't have bumps, I usually don't care how steep. Neither my technique nor my knees can handle bumps. 200 cm skis probably aren't making it easier. In fact the impetus for looking at new skis is that I've heard it makes skiing easier physically. As I get older that is becoming a factor. I still enjoy my Salomons, but suspect I would enjoy newer skis more. In a previous post, someone asked me to describe what I was looking for in a ski. I guess I did not reply because I did not know what to say. Obviously in VT a priority is edge grip. But many other terms of description in reviews are beyond me. I certainly could tell that the 6* was too stiff, but was the Z5 too soft, I don't think so, but I don't have a great knowledge base to draw from. I am amazed at the number of different skis people on this list have tried, or for that matter, own.

Thanks in advance, John
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Some possible suggestions. You might PM Dawgcatching, I know they had the RX6 a few weeks ago. I ordered some Elan's from him and had a very satisfactory experience. Though it's a bit of a drive, Gunstock demos and sells Fisher -- I think it's all they sell. At least would be worth a call. I also know that Anderson's Ski and Dive in (either East Greenwich or North Kingstown) RI had RX6s in stock -- though that was some time ago.
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Not sure what size you want. In the NYC area, Princetonski.com has them up to 170s.

I had same issue finding rx8s, so I went to fischer's web page and started calling shops in Washington and Oregon. They've had a terrible ski season and I quickly found the new skis i wanted at a good year-end price and had them shipped. Ended up paying for new what I saw demos for on the east coast.

I'm no expert, but from reading your self-description, you may want to try the RX8 instead.
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I have the Fisher RX6 FTI (new) in 150's,160's & 170's on sale. If you are interesteed, e-mail me at cantman@speakeasy.net
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