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binding selection question

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how does one select the bindings for a particular ski?

some skis comes with bindings, but what if those that dont?

lets have an example..
say the 1080
coz i see them for sale without bindings. how do i know what bindings to put on?
thank you!
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If a ski is flat, like the 1080, then it usually comes down to brand preference.

Salomon would want you to put on a 912ti.
I'd put on a Look p12 Jib
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The rule that I follow is if a ski comes with bindings don't buy that ski. For all others get Look or Rossi pivots.

There isn't a particular binding which is better for slalom and another for GS, or one that is good on fatties but not so good for skinny skis.
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If you are using the skis for park riding, I believe the S912Ti is lighter than the Look Pivot Jib/Rossi Scratch (same binding) but I could be wrong. Also Salomon 912 users are reporting problems with the toe wings loosening due to a cheap one screw design or something.
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so salomon bindings are crap? anyone had good experiences with S912ti? coz i was given a pretty good deal with those bindings
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Yeah. Salomons are crap.

And Markers pre-release.

The Atomics are heavy.

The Tyrolias (Heads/Fischers) are hard to get into because of the diagonal heel.

Looks/Rossis are changing this year because they don't think the old Pivot design works on modern skis.

And Lines have a weird mounting pattern that no one would trust.

So, use beartraps.

All of these have their followers. They all stand behind their products. And, on a flat ski, you can pick the one you prefer. If you are looking for specific characteristics in your bindings, it would help for recommenders to say what they are. If you don't, then you can use any of the bindings on the marketplace that have your DIN in the middle of the range and be equally happy.
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if i mount salomon bindings on a 1080, from what i've read from the other threads, will the screw likely to come off? or should i just wait until salomon fix that problem first? orj ust wack on a pair of looks p12?
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Originally Posted by ssh
Yeah. Salomons are crap.
The Tyrolias (Heads/Fischers) are hard to get into because of the diagonal heel.
Realy? never had a problem. IMO in Looks or Rossis are a little harder to get
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moresnow what kind of skier are you?
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good advice from ssh in his response.!

Most binding brands have their adherents and the Look/Rossi followers on this board are undoubtedly the most vocal. Personally I have never much liked them as I have never felt confident that they are properly engaged when you step in although I am the fisrst to admit this goes back to some of the earlier models (inclusing the original Ess/Look Nevada) rather than the current crop. Also unimpressed with the quality when I found all 4 springs had actually broken in half on a pair of Look 99RS after one season. But, as with so many other views here these are simply personal opinions.

I skied Markers for several years with no problems and have used Salomons for over 30 years. My 1080s with the 912 TI and my 3V slalom race with 914s have not experienced the toe screws loosening on either pair. This does not mean it will not happen but I haven't seen it yet.

I also started using Tyrolias on my Race GS and another pair of skis this year for the first time. I had reservations about them in the past beacause of the reports of difficulty getting into the diagonal heel. I have not found any problem with this and have been very impressed with them.

So, to get back to the point and to agree with ssh, there are very few poor bindings out there, most perform really well with some differences in characteristics between brands. Pick one that you trust, that fits the ski, and you get a good deal on. (And if you like Marker I have a brand new pair of 9.2 Race EC14 for sale! )
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