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banner misprint at Vail

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while skiing at Vail today I came across an interesting 'caution' sign...
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Originally Posted by jake73
while skiing at Vail today I came across an interesting 'caution' sign...
Which run was it on?
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just above lift 3 and 4
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Looks like a couple more in the distance but I would have to drop down to read them.
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Originally Posted by Coach13
Which run was it on?
Upper Photoshop.
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Originally Posted by jstraw
Upper Photoshop.
I initially thought so too. But, upon closer inspection, you'd have to be very good to get all those bends and reflections just right.

Maybe somebody is.
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Look in the center of the O in for. I don't see the shadow of the tree through it...Likewise the D in speed. I like it!!! I think there used to be a racecourse on the right. Don't know if it is still there. LewBob
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I don't really see those flaws, I think the contrast between the black and the yellow is drowning the difference between the dark yellow nad light yellow in the middle of the characters. I am not saying it is definitely genuine but if it is photoshopped they did a bloody good job.
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Your're right. The bends in the letters are perfect. Maybe it was a spring joke by some of the staff, about a month early (April Fool's Day would have been good). We need to see if Vail SnoPro or someone else from Eagle County can verify. It is pretty funny. LewBob
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Were there other signs in conjunction with this sign? It may be part of a multi-banner warning. I do see some other banners below it, it is possible that there were others above it.
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Like Burma Shave signs.
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Those signs say something like "space not speed" I think it's photoshop.
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The voice from Brooklyn wins the prize. I remember seeing such signs at Vail last week, though I wasn't on that run. Really good job of photo shop. Maybe that is why the shadows didn't seem to match perfectly. LewBob
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"space not speed" is all over the Vail and Breckenridge. I suspect it is a new common safety message in summit county??
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Somebody spent a good amount of computer time on this. Nice hoax!
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strato, if the person was an online gamer, then he might want to race his 1973 Datsun in the game "Need for Speed".
There's probably a forum somewhere where he will post this, and get a bunch of virtual piston heads really excited.
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OK guys, those are some great responses. I did this is photoshop in about 3 minutes. Thought it would be fun! I rearranged the sign while dreaming of the volkl superspeeds. The sign originally said, "NO NEED FOR SPEED"
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So...was it fun?
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yeah it was! I liked your response in particular. "upper photoshop" was a good one...
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you know some crazy stoners do the signs at vail ... everyone I see makes me laugh:

"flaps down -- time to cool your jets"

that's my all-time favorite
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