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binding help for atomic skis

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I got a friend into skiing this winter and he jumped in head first in a big way. He has already picked up boots, poles and atomic beta carv 8.20s (Its his first winter skiing).
They are new skis in shrink wrap (still practically stole them for what he payed) and I want to know if he will be able to use a pair of Marker M38s with them. They are still in great shape and indemnified, but i heard that atomic's lifter on those skis are only reinforced where atomic bindings screw in. I dont want to mount right on the ski, and I certainly dont want to make him either pay big bux on new atomic bindings or new lifter for the old school bindings. Any helpful ideas? I was thinking about having the loval university's plastic departmnent make a high density plastic lifter for me for cheap (perks of being a college student, one of few). Good Idea? Yay or Nay?
Thanx in advance
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my friend wants to be out on the hill this friday again, no one is gonna help me?
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I have (Had) Beta Carve race 9.22 and mounted Marker Bindings on them. It wasn't the mounting that was the issue, it was the brakes. The plate requires longer breaks to function properly and the Marker Bindings I used appeared to be a standard length (whatever standard means,) so the with the Marker Bindings if a ski came off there was nothing to stop it other than a tree or a person.

Another point about Atomic bindings, have you been reading the thread about how they prerelease? You should consider that input also.

A disclaimer, I am not a techie but I do know what I like and it ain't Atomic Bindings. Love the ski's though.
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I didn't think there was a rush required for this response since your aquaintance was going to perform an independant test on the plastic. I have no info on the Carv 8.20, so I have no idea what binding mount is on it. For the 1999/2000 season, Atomic had a V8.20 that had a regular mount, and therefore did not require specific bindings. The 2000/2001 Ride 8.20 was a regular mount ski. For 2001/2002, the Ride 8.20 was again in the product line, but this had the Device binding included with the ski, or had a regular mount, depending on the retailer's option.

The Carv 8.20 might be a 'Deck' ski with graphics specified by a retail chain which orders enough of each model to warrant a cosmetic change. These skis are usually identical to regular model skis with a colour and name alteration, but not always. I suggest posting a picture of the riser on the ski so it can be determined what you have, or visit Atomicsnow.com to see which model most closely resembles that of your friend's.
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thanx for the help, BTW as for Atomics prereleasing, I ski Device 310's (their LOW END binding) a half setting below what the shop says because they never pre-release and I DO ski aggressively, over moguls and jumps. Its a credit that a pair of cruising carvers like 9.18s take my abuse
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