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Should I cancel my Banff trip?

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Hi Bears,

I am scheduled to go to Banff during thd Easter Break. Should I cancel-I would lose 25.00 with the hotel and then $100.00 per ticket change fee.

If you recommend cancelling, where do you recommend going? I've heard about the "Sierra Cement"-is there any chance of that happening with the huge amount of snowpack that the Tahoe region has? What about Vail? They seem to have the same base as Sunshine & LL- and doesn't Vail have a greater chance of getting warm on the last weekend in March? I'm sorry for so many questions, but this will be only my second trip to the West to ski and I would hate for it to be a bummer.
Thanks in advance for all your help,
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i would go.... sometimes March & APril there can be very good... they have good cover now for the most part
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Sunshine still doing well

As in the title: the base is holding pretty well at Sunshine and unless we get a massive melt-off in the next two weeks there should still be good conditions. On the other hand if we get a couple of dumps in the next two weeks you could be looking at great conditions

I had originally planned to go a little farther afield during Spring Break, but I now think I'm going to stay close to home and hit Sunshine, Marmot, and possibly Louise and KH over the break. Marmot reportedly has some of the best conditions in 25 years.

If you cancel what are your alternatives : It looks like Sunshine and Marmot have the best conditions in this neck of the woods! You might also want to read any reports on the Gathering going on at KH this weekend (I had meetings in Edmonton and couldn't go )
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banff trip

I was going to go to Tahoe instead (change my airline ticket), but Continental
wanted way too much money to do this-So I will be coming up. We are flying in from NJ-so between praying for snow and going on these boards everyday, I am starting to get excited.
Thanks for all the help, Bears
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I was at Lake Louise yesterday and I think you'd be nuts to cancel.
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