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What ski is for me?

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I am an experianced skier who is very hard on skis. I have bent two pair of volkls (not because I am careless) They were intermediate skis and below my ability level. But I was younger and I skied on what they told me to. I am looking for a new pair of skis and need some help on what is best. I am in no way a racer. I like the bumps, the glades and trail edges. I dont carve all that much, I prefer quick turns. I am looking for something fun and rugged. I like the park, but spend way more time in the back country. Twin tip would be nice. I ski in the east, so the snow is nothing special or deep. I am 19, 6 feet, 165 lbs. and I man-handle on my skis. Help a guy out... Thanks
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Check this one out - CHEAP!! Killer graphics too!!
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