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Need Help Picking Out Skis to Demo!

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My current skis, 03 Rossi 9S WC are a little to stiff for roaming around the entire mountain! These ski really improved my skills though, saying that I brought them every where, even a foot of powder. I am hoping to get around $275 with Axial 100 demo bindings, but they are scratched a little and the top sheet is scratched a lot. Do you think I can get around $275?

I live in the east so I ski groomed most of the time. I am looking for a ski with a turn ratius between slalom and gs. I want the ski to be less stiff than the rossi, but equally as fast. Also where and when would I demo?

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Not sure how stiff your current skis are (never skied them). A few ski's great for the groomed but versatile enough to use all over the mountain (as long as the powder isn't too deep) are ...

Atomic SL9
Volkl Supersport T50 5 & 6 star

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How about:

Atomic GS9
Skicross 9/10
Fischer s400

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Need BB: Sometimes it's not necessarily how stiff the ski is, but also the length. For example, if you had your present ski in a 10-15cm shorter length, you would probably find it more manageable. Post back, tell us your height, weight and true skiing ablity and you'll get much better suggestions.

As for demo days, www.skipressmag.com has a link with demo days on it for Canada. I would imagine they also have the same for the U.S. Your local hill will also have a schedule they can give you.
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I am 5'6 and around 135lb so 150cm for a slalom is perfect. The 9S is stiff! Bode is using the same ski so it is not a cruiser.
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Anyone else have an idea?

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I think you might try going 10-15 cm LONGER for all-mountain use. With race slalom skis the shorter lengths are stiffer and typically less versatile (but still a lot of fun).

Also, try some Elans - SLX World Cup is a lot easier and I find them to be more fun than the Rossis outside of a race course. The HCX is pretty similar but not intended to be a full-on race ski.
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Thanks! I am looking for an easy but fast ski that can do short and long turns. I still haven't found a demo day with more than one company
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Skied the Atomic SL912 the other day and had a blast on it. It is fairly stiff, though, and I'm not sure how well it would handle the soft stuff. Another ski to consider might be the Head IC 160. I've yet to hear of anyone who has tried that ski that wasn't impressed with it. It's very stable at speed, easy to use, and has a versatile turn shape from what I am told. Haven't found a pair to demo for myself yet, but I have demoed other Head skis this year (IC 300, IC 180, IM 70) and have been very impressed with the Head line in general. I know that Harald Harb highly recommends that ski, and it was Peter Keelty's website, www.techsupportforskiers.com ski of the year. I think it would be worth a try.
Good luck
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I think that the st. rossignol 9x might be a good ski but I do not know how stiff it is. I think the slx is too slalom'y and the i160 not enough ski.
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I also have to find the ski cheap under $350 and it has to be light. My rossi's now wiegh a ton!
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Originally posted by Need BB:
I also have to find the ski cheap under $350 and it has to be light. My rossi's now wiegh a ton!
Seems like everyone only recommends racing skis on this board. I'd try something with a little more width for stability, and a touch softer flex but still torsionally stiff.

Fischer Sceneo 400/500
Volkl t50 5star
Head i.c200

The 5-star gives up almost nothing to my race stock 9S on everything but a hosed down course and is much more manageable for all-mountain skiing. A friend on the sceneo had similar sentiments. Haven't skied the Head, but have heard similar things.

I suppose the Atomic SX:9 and 11 are also in this category. Haven't skied them but there's tons of reviews.

To be honest, I would go even wider than the above, but some people really don't like the width I guess. I haven't touched my slaloms since I got my 168cm G4s. Stiff, sidecut between GS and SL (17.something M), but stable, good float, and pounds through anything. Hip to the ground turns on groomers too.
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Under $350.00 good luck if your talking new.
I would recommend Atomic R11's in 160cm or one of the high end freeride skis. They are more all mountain then deturned race skis and will do just about anything you ask of them. IMO to many people think they need race skis.

You may be able to find some leftove demo skis at different shops. I picked up a pair of Atomic 10.20 widebodys three years ago, during the summer for $325.00.
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Now I need a place to demo. Can't find info anywhere!
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Cannon Mt. has a multi-mfg demo day on Friday 3/7. You have to purchase the tickets in advance, off-site, there is a list of shops at www.cannonmt.com - $20 includes lifts, lunch & demos. If memory serves, all the majors were at the December event.
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