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Snow conditions in Utah

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other than LCC ?

How are Snowbasin, Pwr mtn, and the Park City area ? Or do we have to head to LCC directly ? We are going almost two weeks, so we would like to hit several mountains.

I understand there is no fresh powder in the forecast, and the snow fall last week has been scarce, but is it slush, spring snow, corn, ice, or what ?

I read here complaints whenever there are no freshies, but compared with last winter in Southamerica (and some snow I got in Park City last March in 72 F temperatures), just 'normal' (whatever it means) snow will make us smile...
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The Northeast has gotten 5+ feet in the past two weeks. But the skiing here is terrible so you should not even bother.....
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Its been in the 40's in Park City all week and expected to be that way all next week too. Keep in mind though, that 40's in town means 30's on the hill. Also, although the sun is starting to make its annual rise to spring, it is still early enough that the rays don't do significant melting on the anything but the south facing slopes. Snow is hard (by our standards) but still pretty firm.


Alfonse: keep a little perspective here. It's easy to say somewhere is going off, but I seem to recall some pretty horrid conditions in that same region just a month or two ago. Lets talk when the season is over about what area had the best conditions this year.
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I am not dissing Utah. It is clearly superior to skiing in Vermont. I just find it amusing that everyone thinks skiing in the east is terrible all the time! Best quality of snow in the country right now. I am not a snow snob so I don't care much either way. I had a blast at JH and not a drop of new snow. But lets keep in mind that skiing in the east is REAL skiing and all skiers from that region are not gapers.

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