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Boot question

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how do i know if a boot's too soft for me? i got a boot with a flex index of 55, but im like 185 lbs, am i too heavy for those boots?
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Originally Posted by Strider
how do i know if a boot's too soft for me? i got a boot with a flex index of 55, but im like 185 lbs, am i too heavy for those boots?
I don't think there's any one, or easy, answer to your question. If you're an aggressive skier, I'd guess that they would be too soft at your size. I think the general rule is that if you struggle to flex the boot, it's too stiff. Conversely, if you can easily over-flex the boot it's too soft.

I know that's not a definite answer, but there are many variables that play into this issue.
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flex index is pretty much irrelevant - there's no standard across brands, so a flex of 75 may be soft in one model, and it may be stiff in another.

What sort of boot do you have? What level of skier are you?
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The main function of your boot is to apply pressure to the front of your ski when you lean into it. Depending upon lots of factors like how stiff you ski is, where your bindings are mounted, how long your leg (lever) is, how fast you are skiing, what kind of snow you are on, etc. your boot may feel too soft or too stiff on any given turn. The bottom line (assuming that your skis are tuned properly) is how the front of your ski reacts when you lean into the boot. If you can make your skis hold an edge on hard snow at speed without too much effort, your boots are probably stiff enough. If you are applying forward pressure to your boots and it is not immediately getting to the front of your skis, then the boots are too soft.

With the new short shaped skis, you don't need as stiff a boot as with the old long straight skis. Also, intermedaite skis are made less torsionally stiff to initiate a turn more easily, hence they match better with a softer boot. A stiff boot will over-turn them and make them feel squirrley. Conversly, if you are stepping up to a stiffer ski, you may need a stiffer boot to drive it.

I prefer a somewhat softer boot with a progressive flex that lets me "hang forward" on it (more like a tele boot), but many people like a stiffer one that gives a sharper and more immediate response from their skis as soon as they lean just a little forward. If it feels to you like you have to throw yourself way forward in order to get a response from your skis, then your boots are probably too soft for your body and style of skiing.

One person's slipper is another person's rocket. Don't worry about the numbers, go by the feel and the performance.
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I definitely agree with Mudfoot. These days, with shaped skis...stiff boots aren't nearly as important. In fact, torsional stiffness is just as important...to be able to roll the skis on edge to turn.

I always used to wear race boots. Which were just so stiff. My last pair...San Marco's TR3 comps..were just so painful...my feet would hurt on thursday after skiing the weekend before. It got so bad..I started snowboarding for about 4 years. This year, I splurged bought a pair of Nordica all mountain/freeride boots, which are definitely a bit softer than race boots..but still plenty stiff for my 200 lb frame. Did it right, got a custom footbed and I can't tell you how happy I am to be back on my skis. Love the boots. Love skiing.

Moral...get something comfortable. You'll be much happier when on the hill.
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Since an Atomic T:11 only has a flex index of 10, it must be really stiff ... whoa: 8 and a half times stiffer!
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If the flex index is 55 it means a really low-end soft boot.
I can´t think of any brand using the flex scale including 55 where 55 would be anything but a low value.
(Dalbello, Atomic, Alpina, and Head are different but only Alpina has 60 as a realtive medium stiffness.)
Afaik, some tests in Germany have shown that these low-end boots don´t have good progressive flex (hence support) and are suitable for recreational skiing only.
I suppose your boots could be:
because they all use flex index 55 (at least the 04/05 boots)
- which, as opposed to 60, would IMO be a difference of a slightly stiffer liner or the value which the manufacturer needs for the scale to look nice
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Originally Posted by Strider
how do i know if a boot's too soft for me? i got a boot with a flex index of 55, but im like 185 lbs, am i too heavy for those boots?
Wrong forum.
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my boots are salomon performa 4.0 i think 03-04?
got them in the off season (it's summer here), can only test when my season starts.
thanks for advice! hopefully i can return them if they're too soft. but for now it prob would do the job ok
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