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Copper Lift Tickets?

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As part of our Vail trip in a few weeks we're planning to ski Keystone on Friday 3/25 and Copper on 3/26. I've got Keystone passes covered since they're included in our Vail pass, but need to pick something up for Copper. I know we have a lot of Copper regulars here so hopefully someone can help me out here. Are there any Copper lift ticket deals to be had, or are we stuck with walk up prices? Thanks.
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PM either passholders or instructors. I think either of us can get you a half price deal.
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Or look on www.craigslist.com in the Denver Tickets section. There are tons and tons of Winter Park and Copper 4-passes for sale there. You can get 4-passes with one day left for $20.
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I was able to get 4-passes on ebay that came to about 25$ per day.
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What can Copper tickets be purchased for at King Scoopers?
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A four pass can only be used for one ticket a day. King souper sells discount tickets, but only outside of a certain distance. ie, in the Denver area and front range you can get the discounted tickets. But not in Silverthorne. Unless they have chage it from a few years ago.
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