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Trade Volkl Vertigo G31 for a beginner ski

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I have a pair of Volkl Vertigo G31 in 188 length to possibly trade for a more beginner friendly ski I could put my dad on and teach him next season. I am not looking for anything fansy just functional ski and it can be older ski but I would like for it to be at least a shape ski. The G31's are very powerful in long turns and mediums turns, easy to carve or skid. They are also very good in steep fall line. The tops of the ski are in good shape with only very minor scratches. The ski has 5 or 6 days since it had a full tune on it. It has had a couple of repairs to the base that were done professionally.
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Hi Nathan:

This is a very old post, but I missed it when you put it out there some time back. Hopefully you're still subscribing to the thread.

Anyway, I understand your problem w/ the G31 re: your dad; It's a very poppy and powerful ski--not good for an easy-going rider.

Maybe I have a decent trade for you: I have a pair of older--yet only ridden once--K2 skis that might fit the bill. They are Merlins, in a 188, and they are in fantastic condition. They were just quite a bit too soft for me--a mistaken grab at a ski swap, I'm afraid. They might be just right for your dad.

If you happen to get this, feel free to e-mail or PM me back, or just post a reply. Hope this might prove helpful.

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G 31's

Sorry, I have decided to keep a hold of the G31's. I thought my dad would take more interest in skiing and he has not. I do have to admit the G31's are a blast on hardpack and one of my favorites for skiing groomed with massive explosive turns. I swear the more you load that ski up on gs turns the more rebound it launches you out with. If I ever let this one go it will be for volkl P60 gs just because I am addicted to the powerful rebound and its gs mild sidecut. The down fall to the g31 is if conditions suck that ski hates soup, slop, mash potatos and drives underneath slush like it is locked onto a railroad track.

I have fischer rx8's that I am going to unload at swap next week but they complemented the g31's weakness well in crud and deep slush but they lack volkl rebound. I thought about replacing rx8's with volkl ac4, nordica hotrod top fuel, volkl 5 star or dynastar 8000 but I have not made up my mind what direction I am going yet.
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Hi nhearnest,

Thanks for the response, and no worries about the G31's. They are a great--I would venture to say classic--ski, as I found out last year when I hopped on my friend's set. SOoo fun, and they made my Bandit XX's seem sad and lifeless by comparison. You're smart to keep them around and get some turns in on them from time to time. And hey, I think the folks here at Epic like the Rx8's, so you might want to put a thread up and see if people come a-callin'.

Happy skiing,
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