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Whats the most fun ski you know of??

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I am posting this for two reasons:

1) I am looking for a pair of skis to just play on when i am not racing, but i need a ski that will ski everything, park, pipe, trees, bumps, and carve some nice tight arcs.

2)I think it is an interesting topic that a lot of poeple would be interested on commenting on.

I am not necessarily looking for the most high performance ski that is on the market. I'm rather asking what ski you have the most fun on (or think you would have the most fun on) when you are not skiing really seriously. So let me know what you all think, it should be an interesting discussion.

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Get a twin. They are really fun skis. I would look for one that is a bit wider underfoot, like the 1080, Enemy, or a V. These skis are huge on the giggle factor, and are also great all mountain skis. They work well for everything, bumpin', pow, crud, pipe, park, even hard snow. Try one, you'll dig it.
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Salomon Teneighty Cusson:
Wide enough for powder
Soft enough for bumps
Twin-tipped for switch/park/pipe
Short enough for great carving à la X-Scream Series, but not quite the 3V.

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You should check out the Fischer Sceneo 3 with Booster. From what I've read - these are tons of fun in all types of conditions. I guess you can rip short or long turns, hard pack pow, ect. They are skied really short. I might just have to get a pair. Good luck.null
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The most fun I've had with my clothes on is on my 163 Elan HCXs. They really arc, they're actually pretty fast when on edge and are just plain fun. I broke my old ones at the end of last season and just got my new ones. The new ones have more tip(110 as opposed to 100) and 20 mm riser instead of 13mm. I cant wait to get on them.
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The ones I'm skiing on....
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Just noticed your list of skis. :
How much bloody money have you got?
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Not much money at all. I just got lucky with a few skis... and i was able to proform this season from salomon. My T-Power vipers (brand new replacements fromt he broken ones) that i had last season i gave to my brother for a small sum of $$ so that lessened the cost of the skis i bought this year too, so i didnt really spend that much for what i got (the vipers were a gift last year also).

I saw on ebay last night a pair of rossignol 9s 9.9's (160cm) that are now going for $177 and they are still in plastic, i may get these for rock skis and play skis. Im still up in the air as i am running out of $$ to spend on skiing for the season, and the skis still would require bindings (probably axial 120's or 140's) go figure they require the most expensive binding money can buy practically. What i really want is to replace the Xscreams with Crossmax 10's. But that may have to wait a season.

I really like the sceno 3 but id ont have the kind of cash to get a pair, maybe ill wait till next year and see what i can come across, but if any of you lawyers out there want to donate to the "Get Greg Skis Fund", i am more than willing to accept donations. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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mid 90's Salomon 3S 193cm or 203cm
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I hope that wasnt a comment stemming from SCSA's thread about long vs. short skis... : just playin with ya anyhow.
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