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Park City/Canyons advice

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Flying westward from NJ in a little over 24 hours
2 days at PC, 2 days at Canyons, 1 day at Alta.

Any tips on specific trails/bowls for a strong intermediate skier who is not bump-oriented? I prefer the long cruisers to the steeps, but am willing to try.

I'd also like to know if the top-most black, double black stuff on the PC map (hikeable areas, etc.) are feasible or "no way, man" tough.

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Deer Valley!
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I agree with Springs. I think you'll find Deer Valley to your liking. In terms of PC, they have some great terrain off of the McConkeys and Jupiter lifts.

If you traverse from the skier's left at the top of Jupiter, you'll find some fairly wide open bowl skiing that is not too steep. It's labelled double-black on the map, but is do-able for a strong-intermediate.

McConkey's has a couple of blue runs, but the double-blacks (i.e. McConkey's Bowl) are steeper and more bumped up than the afore-mentioned terrain on Jupiter. McConkey's bowl also has a cornice at the top which, while fun for an expert, could be intimidating for a strong intermediate.

It's all readily visible from the chairs though, so take a ride up and check it out! You can always bail out on the blues off McConkey's and, although Jupiter has no blues, you should be ok there.
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When you first get to PCMR and are on the Payday lift look to your right. That ridge is the front face of the King Con Ridge. All those runs are long and now for the most part groomed.The grooming is something I'm not happy about but thats another thread. Unless the Ski Team lift is running they take a couple of lift rides and with long run outs. Still when they were ungroomed and or if a powder day they are some of my favorite runs on the mountain. At the top of payday you can turn and take the payday run back down. this is a nice long run. It is a good warm up. If the lift lines are longat the bottom forget it. Just take the bonaza lift to the top. From the top of bonaza follow the lift towers back and take 2nd exit on the left to Powder keg and or Assessment. These are nice warm up runs. From there you can head past the Log Cabin Lodge to the King Con area. At the top off King Con go to your left and look over the ridge Thats the runs you were looking at from the Payday lift. Or you could take the Silverload lift back up.There are a few nice blue and easy black runs off off the silverload chair. If you want to get back to Jupitar area take double jack or single Jack to Thaynes lift and then up to Jupiter access trail. Or You could drop off into Blue Slip bowl and make you way to the Mc Conkeys lift. If blue Slip looks to bumped out. Side step up to the Pioneer ridge and take any of those run down to the Mc Conkeys lift. Best place to eat on the mountain is the mid mountain lodge just up from the McConkeys lift.

The area that Tbay is talking about is called West face .You can also take the cat track out to Scotts bowl or just noodle around in the Jupiter bowl. For Scotts best time would be in the late morning as the sun will be hitting it and warming up the crust. Off McConkys if you look to your right as you ride the lift you will see Sunrise and Puma bowl and the chutes above. Both take a short hike up the ridge past the Ski Patrol shack. Mc Conky's bowl gets skied out fast lots of bumps on the face. As you ride the lift check it out to see if it looks good or not. PCMR isa hard mountain to get around lots of diffrent areas. but that also means that even on on busy holiday weekends I can find runs that are empty and very short lift lines.
Deer Valley is a great place to find long cruiser runs. Pluse they the best food of any resort in the country. I would trade out a day at PCMR or the Canyons fora day at Deer Valley and keep a day at Alta.
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DUring your days atThe Canyons, you should ski Peak 5 and Dreamscape in the morning and then head over to Super Condor in the PM. There are some great blue and double blues on these three peaks. You will find that Dreamscape offers some wonderful natural conditions with beautiful scenery. The runs under the lift (e.g. Bliss) offers some nice soft snow and mogul skiing. On Super Condor, you can hike Murdock's Peak for some nice pow/bowl skiing. If you feel like doing some serious skiing, take the 9990 lift. It is challenging, but wonderful. No blues, just black and double black.
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Find a way to sneek in a day at Deer Valley.
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Thanks for the info, all.
I'll be looking out for these runs and more starting Sunday...

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