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How much does style matter? I recently got back from mammoth and checked out some footage my buddy got of me skiing the chute below chair 14 (it was a pow day. badass.) Anyway the first line I took was a very clean fall-line with aboout 14 or 15 clean nice tight turns. Next I wanted to try getting low and just smoking it and I did, basically riding it like a pipe, and made only about four BIIIIIG turns. Needless to say I was on the verge of blowing it hard but oh man the plumes of snow I shot into the air. Watching it I couldn't decide which was better: The control and technical expertise of the first run, or the raw balls to the wall speed of the second. I tend to end up just dropping the hammer when I'm in the steep and deep and I get alot of crap for it from my friends (one of whom manages to ski with nearly perfect stein form all the time). I'm all for mastering your craft and the control inherent in very precise skiing and when I'm on the grooms or mogs I do it, but in a big, fat, powderey bowl it's just so SLOW! There seems to be alot of big-mountain guys doing this now. Snowboarder influence? Good? Bad? Are we just turning into slalom racers in powder? Input?
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I guess the answer really lies in your individual intent. Skiing from my perspective is about 1 As long as your not putting anyone else or yourself in danger, choose the line you enjoy skiing the most. Who knows, if you work at it your style may come around on these runs as well.

BTW, Bode doesn't get a lot of points for style himself.
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Style points only really count in the park.

sure ive skiied to look styleful once or twice. but never put looking good before having fun. if you have fun looking good then....well.......
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It's not what you look like when you're doing what you're doing, it's what
you're doing when you look like you're doing what you're doing.

Express yourself.
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I'm with you. I like big plumes of powder coming from my wake. Probably comes from my surfing days. Looks good on film for sure.
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You either have it, or you don't.
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Originally Posted by jstraw
It's not what you look like when you're doing what you're doing, it's what
you're doing when you look like you're doing what you're doing.

Express yourself.
O come on now im gonna take the whole day to figure that one out. o im so cunfuzzled
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1 word for you:

Jeremy Nobis
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capboy has got a pretty salient point about style. you either have it or you don't. That's it. it does seem though that what's considered good style has changed considerably in just the last 7 or so years. when you look at guys skiing backcountry powder, specially when it's steep, they're leaning back and uphill almost to the point that they're carving like snowboarders. their skis are a good foot-and-a-half's just a completley different technique. anyway I dig it and it seems like you all agree...having fun and ripping must ALWAYS come before looking pretty. to me there is a certain asthetic value to balls out shredding though. it's just as captivating as small perfectly-spaced turns but in a different way. Anyone here ever just bomb down a bowl with barely any turns? it feels so good. I've been doing this more and more ever since I got my new set of R:EX's. I had apache recons and they're great for lot's of stuff but they just can't hang at extreme speed like the atomic's can. By the way, anyone thinking of getting the salomon x-wave 10, be warned: THIS ****** IS STIFF!!!! It's great in powder but on park and old-snow days it beats the hell out of me. I unbuckled the top two on the lift once and then skied THREE runs with them off before I even noticed! Ha!
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Originally Posted by SirMack
1 word for you:

Jeremy Nobis
Funny but I find nothing stylish about Nobis. HE seems all business when he skis. And that was 2 words.
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Style is spelled STIEN ERIKSEN. True it is very old school still there might not be a more stylish skier out there. Does it matter? seems like now it is more about being a funtional skier. Form follows funtion.
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On the mountain it's all about fun, but it's walking throught the lodge that you need to radiate steez.
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Which run do you feel more stoked after? That's the one.
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Good technique is style. If you are out of control that is not good technique. I'm not saying you were out of control.

If you have good, fundamental technique you can let go more and have fun in the process. To me, out of control is not fun nor is dullness. You can ski in a wild and crazy way and still have technique.
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Be a Soulful Skier. Add your personal touch to a solid technique.
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Put the hammer down; if it feels good do it!

Style and technique is to be worked that you can have more control and ski faster when you let loose.
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Seriously...technique is to be worked is to be removed from consideration completely. At least for me. If my technique improves, style will take care of itself...I guess...I still won't care.
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all good stuff. thanks ya'll.
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