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Snowshoe Mountain Resort and altitude

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Anyone real familiar w/ Snowshoe (WV) weather patterns? They just had a great week with over 30 inches of fresh snow, BUT, the forecast from noaa.gov for Sat is for possible rain. The weather service did not mention snow levels so I assume that they are expecting rain at the top of the resort--4848 ft. The high temp is only supposed to reach 36 but most of the time, precip at 36 degrees falls as rain and not snow. I also realize that many times, mountains form their own micro-climate. Any thoughts on rain/snow odds for Snowshoe mountain resort??
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Making a weather call is always tricky, even for the experts, which I'm not. But I think the odds are for mostly, if not all, snow. See here for report which I believe is based on Snowshoe summit conditions, not a town 10 miles away:
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Snowshoe does a good job of reporting weather conditions on their website as well. I don't see any rain in this weeks report.

I was just there for a 3 day b-day ski trip. It was fantastic! I was so proud of myself, b/c for the first time I went down both trails on the Western territory. I'd say if the weather looks good to go for it! Have you been there before? It is a fantastic place.
Where are you from in Ohio? I am in Ohio all the time. I was thinking about checking out some places up there, just for kicks!
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Maybe it is just me, but I have never felt that Snowshoe did an accurate job of reporting their conditions or weather.
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ullr - I agree, I went there a couple years ago, and it was reported that the conditions were decent. Got there to rain, and shitty shitty conditions. I mean, there were cracks in the trails. I'm sure it's probally ok now, I probally just hit a bad weekend. I also can't stand the area that that place is in.
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I don't know if it was just an isolated incident or not. I have been forced to ski there for years due to a lack of local choices. I have been three times this year and two times last year, and in all five instances they have lied about their conditions.

Been a season pass holder for a couple of years, and this will be the last. Their prices are outrageous. The trails (with the exception of the Western Territory) suck! Management is poor, and the layout of the mountain is awful. I don’t know if I am just being too hard on them or not.
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I guess everyone has their own opinion. I think they are great! The biggest and most varied that I have found so far in WV. I had a great 3 day b-day weekend there during President's weekend. The weather was great. I didn't look into it ahead of time, but watched the weather channel in the morning before hitting the slopes. Just subtract 2-3 degrees because there is a noticeable difference, of course, from the bottom and top of the mountain.
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Thanks for the input. According to more up to date forecasts, looking more like a rain event. I may sneak up to western NY for Sunday although it looks a little windy--but they're calling for snow!!
Lilskeer, I live in east central ohio about 80 minutes south of Cleveland. I hate to bad mouth any area in particular but I really wouldn't recommend ANY Ohio area for skiing. Most have a vert of only around 300 ft. They seem to do well enough as far as attracting crowds but that seems to be due to the fact that they are, in effect, the only games in town. The areas of WV, Maryland and Weatern PA would probably be much more interesting for you especially since you've ventured into the western territory at Snowshoe.
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Originally Posted by lilskeer
I guess everyone has their own opinion. I think they are great! The biggest and most varied that I have found so far in WV.
Agreed, that's why I ended my post with that statement. Maybe because I have been going there so long, I am just bored with it, but I am not the only one in my family with these feelings. We spent the last week in Jan there, and on the ride home we agreed that next year we would go somewhere else. Maybe I am just anti-intrawest, but I could spend a week in VT, or go to Co, or Utah for less than a week at Snowshoe!

To me the best value in WV is Timberline. And as far as friendly staff, you can't beat Seven Springs. To each his (her) own................................

: : :
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I was not terribly impressed with Snowshoe either. At 63 bucks for a Sunday lift ticket I expected MUCH better.

I agree w/ the rec. for Timberline and 7Springs -- and cheaper too.
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I like both Timberline and 7S as well. Skiing is expensive, unfortunately. I'm pretty sure I can knock 5 bucks off the price w/ my college id. I used it last season at snowshoe and paid 45 instead of 50. It was better than nothin'.
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Dear Ullr,

I think that you are right on about Snowshoe. I too, have gone there too many times. Even have a free lift ticket in the cupboard - unused.
Part of the dissatisfaction comes from being spoiled by Utah powder but most of it comes from an attitude that hovers over the place. Not sure if the free lift ticket will get used or not.
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Thank everyone for agreeing. On my last trip there I spoke to the Manager at guest services about what I have been noticing over the past 5 years and he couldn't have cared less. Pretty much his attitude was, "Go try and find somewhere else local". Others I have spoken to about this all agreed too. I go there because I have a friend who lets me have his condo for a week, and it is only a four and a half hour drive from Richmond, but it is just not worth it anymore. I sat in Cheat Mtn Pizza one nite for over an hour and a half before our food arrived. It was a Weds nite! No one in the place!

I guess it was ok when my family was starting to ski, but they have all (including my 5 & 6 year old) progressed to the point where it is just not fun to ski there anymore. 1200 vet? You got to be kidding me! More like 300 vert, and 900 run-out! Oh well, I am off my soapbox now. Thanks again.
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Ha, I guess I am the only one on this thread who actually likes snowshoe. I have been there about 3 times. I am not tired of it yet. I have alway had a good time.

The 1500 vertical drop impressed me. I have never been out West skiing so it is the steepest/largest terrain that I have skied in WV. I enjoyed myself this season on Cupp Runn. 1.5 miles is a great trail!
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I actually haven't been to Snowshoe since 1998 so I can't comment on anything that might have gone on since then. I'm looking forward to getting back there, at least next year, if not this year. If I do or, when I do, I'll let you know how I feel about it--for whatever that might be worth. Good skiing!!!
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Timberline is the best in WV - its only downside is slow lifts which serve to keep gapers away.
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Hey folks, How about 7 Springs next weekend Mar 12-13? Should be good spring skiing.
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I've earned the right to comment on all the above resorts. I ski them all frequently. As you all are aware, they are our only option in this part of the country.

Snowshoe pros: great village, destination resort atmosphere, good skiing when the weather is good and you're there mid-week.
Cons: Dangerous! WAY too many nuts that can't stop or turn. Most visitors see snow once a year and have no idea about skiing safety. Keep your eyes behind you on that mountain. VERY expensive. They do not cater to groups. They don't need your ski business, they just want to sell real estate.

Seven Springs pros: closest of the 3 for me.
Cons: a resort for smokers by smokers. I like the skiing there, HATE the lodging. The entire staff smokes. 90% of the guest's smoke. They all smoke inside the buildings everywhere! It is a miserable place to go if you're a non-smoker. I always say I'll never go back, but always do. I guess beggars can't be chosers.

Timberline/Canaan pros: my favorite place of the 3. Canaan has the best Nastar course in the country IMHO. Friendly staff, laid back atmosphere, the whole county is non-smoking. Very nice to apres ski in the bars at Canaan Lodge. Good pitch of the slopes to just carve your brains out at high speed. Not as discovered as Snowshoe.
Cons: slow lifts at Timberline.

I'm heading up to Wisp March 10 to check that place out.
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I like Snowshoe because I never go on the weekend and I get a great deal on slopeside lodging with the military deal. Having said that, If I were paying normal price I would go WEST as Snowshoe is STUPID expensive at regular price. I've never been there on a weekend and can imagine it's not worth it, but that's speculation on my part. Wife and I may be there next S/M/Tue if weather looks good.
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Don't get me wrong I renewed my season pass this year, and will probably go back this week for two more days. But it will be my last time. Stupid expensive is an understatment. Like I said, if I didn't have a friend who had a condo, I would NEVER go. You are not going to get a room for less than $1,500 a week. Choices for apre are very limited. Yodler's and Fireside, that's it. The mountain is too spread out, you have to take the bus to get to the village. You can't walk, unless you want to walk on the road. There are no ped. paths. Whister village was 10 times bigger and you could walk everywhere, because it was not in a straight line. The vert on the main mountain sucks. The western territory is great. Add more trails on that side! I have been going for over nine years now and have seen them add dozens on new condo's but still have the same amount of trails! Too crowded, and you are right too many a$$holes.

Never noticed the smokers thing at 7 Springs. Maybe I went on a good week. The staff at 7 Springs blew the shoe's away! Tiny Tots was a great program for my kids. Kids World, was just ok.
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When I've gone to Snowshoe I've stayed at the bottom of the mountain. Snowshoe Inn is not bad and it is cheaper than the condos at the top. If you don't mind the 10 min drive up the mountain. Yes, it is expensive. However, I have some great memories there. My best b-day ever was this year at Snowshoe. 3 days of skiing! It was a blast. Yes, a couple of times the lift lines got long,but it was a holiday weekend...and since it was my b-day I didn't have to pay for anything! I guess I was spoiled, so I can't complain too much about the cost.

p.s. Hey Arby lemme know what you think of Wisp. It is only about 45-50 mins from my place. It isn't the biggest mountain, but I enjoy it. It has a nice range of trails.

Gosh I really hope I can go skiing one more time before the season is over...I am gonna miss it so much.
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It looks like I will be solo on my 13/14/15 Mar Snowshoe trip, so if anyone is interested in going and staying FREE in a slopeside condo with High speed internet then shoot me an email ASAP. I'll be departing Va Beach Sunday morning and depending on what time I decide to leave, I may or may not Ski on Sunday. I beleive I can get free lift tickets also if someone wants to go. I am a smoker however so factor that in. Hope someone responds and I'll repost this in a seperate thread as well
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I was at Snowshoe over the weekend and the snow was awesome. Heavy fresh snow on Saturday (not powder by any means, but I still skied it like powder!) and nice groomed on Sunday. If you can hit SS on a weekday with good snow, it's a pretty good place. However, it gets way too crowded on weekends, has a lot of dangerous moron skiers/riders, and is way too expensive for what you get. The terrain is OK, but many of the trails are flat for the lower 1/3-1/2 of their length which is lame. Western territory is better, but those trails can get crowded and skied off pretty quick (in fact, I often feel like I waste my time crossing the street to get over there). Despite the higher altitudes, SS is nowhere near as good as a good VT ski area like Sugarbush. They just don't have the vertical, the trail length, or the terrain.

On Sunday, we skied Silver Creek, and I loved it. Despite being much smaller than Snowshoe, I think it's a better ski area. The snow was great, there were no crowds, and I found a couple trails that were gems (like Flying Eagle -- it was really spectacular with all the recent snowfall). In the future, I will definitely spend more time at Silver Creek and less time at Snowshoe.

I'm hoping to hit Wintergreen VA this week and as many more times as possible before they close on the 27th (get more out of my season pass!). I'd like to visit Snowshoe/Silver Creek one more time too.

Back to the original topic -- we were also worried about the forecast for rain out there, but arrived in a heavy snowstorm Friday night and it snowed all day Saturday (wet snow, but not rain!!). So, definitely expect snow out there when the temps are borderline. Because of the altitude and location, Snowshoe is always likely to get snow when surrounding areas (including Elkins where the weather observations are made) are slated for rain. After worrying about rain, we were treated by some great snow so it turned out to be a great weekend.

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Thanks Craig

I'm glad you had a great weekend. You answered my question nicely. Looks like snow is in store for WV for the rest of the week!!!
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