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Opinions on Twin tips

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Looking to pick up a pair of twin tips to compliment Ten EXs. Strong skiier from NW, so 10. exs used most often. Want to use for jumping of course, bombing groomers w/family and teaching freinds sometimes. Love the Atomics, so looking at Rodeo, also considering 1080s, Pow Airs, and Dynastar models. Please throw out any other ski suggestions. Stong, aggresive skiier who likes it all but bumps. 5"8", 150 lbs.


WA has been awesome, especially past weekend where we've seen 20+ new. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Por que twin tips.

are you hitting things switch that your exs cant handle?

are your Back country booters that fast?
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The Rodeo is a blast. I'm not a jumper, but I have played around on it quite a bit. We have a few sponsored guys using it for almost all of their skiing. Mid fat waist, with carver sidecut, and Beta torsional rigidity.

New, and should be available now, is the Stomp. wider than a 10.ex, but with similar sidecut.
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I've got a set of 1080's to back up my Volkl G4's. I never land switch, but the soft ski is nice in the bumps and just messing around on non pow days. If I were to do it over, I'd drop the full twin tips for something more traditional. But they are great skis!
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I ride concepts for fakie fun. They are great park skis and not too bad on the rest of the mountain, as long as the snow is one the softer side. I also ride 10.EX's and find them to be fun in the park, as long as a 360 is all I'm looking to throw. If, you aren't looking to land fakie on huge hits, I would look towards an all-mtn. stick with a flared tail, such as a XX or G3. Compare the tails on those to most twins, and you'll laugh at how close they are to "true twin tips".
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Check out Stockli's Tip II.
Probably a 178 cm for 150 lb.
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There are a ton of us at Mammoth who swear by the K2 Enemy as as super fun versatile ski for everyday, all mountain. It has been pretty firm the last couple weeks, and I never bothered to ski my Axis X, the Enema does great; a very under rated ski, that is great in the park, and out. I ski mine with no lift at all, but everybody else seems to have 10-13mm. Works well either way.
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Spinheli - You have been saying how good the Enemy is for probably close to a year now, and I must confess, I took your comments with somewhat of a grain of salt - something along the lines of, "Yeah, they probably are pretty good for a TT".

Last year, our local ski hill wouldn't allow skiers into their park unless on TT's. This created a problem when I'm skiing with my daughter who occasionally boards.

To make a long story short, I picked up a pair of demo 173 Enemies in mint condition at Footloose last summer for just over $200 (with bindings), and finally just got around to trying them. The conditions were cut-up warm new snow turing into slop.

What a hoot! They performed exactly as you have been saying - "super fun versatile ski for everyday, all mountain". Nice in the bumps and slop, ok on the scraped off areas.

On my very first run on them, I was following a patroller that I know, and I completely forgot that I had TT's on until I got to the bottom and looked down.

I'm not exactly a young kid and have no intention of using them for any tricks more complicated than continuous on-snow spins and minor jumps, but even so, I'll be throwing them in the ski box for everyday skiing. I've got a bunch of other skis that I can use, but these will be getting much more use than I ever expected when I bought them.

Thanks for the advice.

Tom / PM
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