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Wanted: K2 Burnin' Luv 160s

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I'm in Massachusetts, and most shops seem to have sold out of these in the 160. Anyone know where I can track them down? The ones I've seen around here (in other lengths) run around $540, bindings included.

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smitty's ski and sports in west warwick ri has em....and had tough year big sales....has the equiv volkl gammas too....cheap...I think ski market in warwick still has some, not so cheap...good luck
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Thanks! For the equivalent Volkls, do you mean the Supersport Gammas? I demo'ed both the Burnin' Luvs today and the unisex Volkl Supersport Five Stars at 160. Liked the Volkls a lot, but loved (or luv'ed?) the Burnin' Luvs. I wanted to try the Supersport Gammas, but all they had were 147's, so I passed--thought it'd be tough to do a fair comparison at such different lengths.
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Bummer--tried Smitty's and they're completely out of Burnin' Luvs.

Color me heartbroken... ...and back on the phone...
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Try calling Jeff Proctor at proctorjones.com
phone 603 888-1214. (toll free is 1 888 383-5667).
in Nashua, NH.

When i couldn't find K2 T-Nine X's anywhere in the country 2 years ago, and even K2 itself swore there were none to be had, I called proctorjones as my last call before giving up forever. Jeff personally took on my case and made a phone call to someobdoy who owed him a favor and I got 'em.

It might not work this time, but what have you got to lose?
Their website says Luv's are sold out, but try asking to speak to Jeff personally and tell him you must, must, must have the skis and you've heard how he finds them when nobody else can. Good luck!
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did you ask Kevin Smith at Smitty's for suggestions?- he is the best....he has a full rack of Volkl's too....all deeply discounted.....I was only looking at the 149 gamma 320's for my wife, I didn't go thru the rack....try ski market in warwick too and maybe even andersons ski/dive in east greenwich...keep digging it's out there....at the right price too I bet, good luck.....
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If anyone's looking for these in a 167, Benson's Ski and Sport in Derry, NH has them for (hold your breath) $375--50% off their original $705.

Yeah, I wish I were taller

If anyone knows where to find the 160s, I'm still looking. I've found a couple places, but the ones with 160s are charging a LOT more...over $600...I keep finding 'em cheap in other lengths, but not the 160s.
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Gack...I can type...that's 50% off of $750. But a FANTASTIC deal. There were only two pairs left in the 167, so call right away if you want them.
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Steep and Cheap has 'em for $199 for the rest of TODAY, Friday March 4 2005.

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I checked out Steep and Cheap, and all I see are the K2 Spires for $199. Am I looking at the wrong page?
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Originally Posted by nicburnham
I checked out Steep and Cheap, and all I see are the K2 Spires for $199. Am I looking at the wrong page?
Sorry. I thought the Spire was the same ski as the Burnin' Luv, just not this year's. Am I mistaken?
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Originally Posted by gonzostrike
Sorry. I thought the Spire was the same ski as the Burnin' Luv, just not this year's. Am I mistaken?
It's not the same as the Burnin Luvs.

Different dimensions and softer I think.
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thanks for the correction Scalce!
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I have been researching next years skis because we are going to two demo days in the next few weeks. My wife is looking for a new pair and was interested in the Burnin Luvs.

Of course if she gets a new pair I want one too.

I am looking forward to trying the Atomic Izors and Heads new liquid metal skis.

I wonder how much of the Burnin Luv's success is based on the actual ski and not hype?

I see some women on the mountain with them and they can't even bend the thing.
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I demo'ed them yesterday not expecting to like them (I'd actually asked to demo the One Luv, but they didn't have it) and really thought it was terrific. I did a private lesson while using the Burnin' Luvs, and the instructor (who I thought really had it on the ball, instruction-wise) thought they were a great ski for me after watching me on them for an hour.

Another ski I demo'ed (last week) and also really enjoyed is the Elan Fusion S8. Fabulous ski. I wanted to demo the Volkl Gamma Supersports, but they were only available in the 147cm, so I didn't. But I did demo the unisex Volkl Five Star Supersports (the red skis) and liked those, too. Those were definitely stiffer than the Burnin' Luvs.
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I have been wondering about the difference between last year's Sprire and the Burnin Luvs. I have the Spires which I loved until I demoed the Supersport Gammas which I now use. They are both about the same stiffness but for me the 147's are better than the 153 K-2s. I think it is more than a difference in length. Purely unscientific, but it feels like the integrated bindings on the Volkls makes them much smoother and easier to handle. I feel like they are extensions of my feet. Are the Burnin Luvs softer than last years Spire? Whats the difference?
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I posted this question elsewhere (so big apologies for the repeat, but it applies to this thread!) I've been offered a twice-used pair of Burnin' Luvs at a good price, but it comes with a Marker 1200 Piston Control binding (non-integrated) instead of the integrated IBX 11.0 that seems to be standard at all the shops.

I have NO clue what the difference would be as far as stability, how it skis, etc. Does anyone know the difference?
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I don't beleive the IBX is an integrated binding.

It just seems to be the binding that the manufacturers pair up with the ski. I have seen them paired up with the IBX 12 Piston.

The 1200 Piston probably performs slightly better then the IBX binding but may be slightly heavier. I haven't skied on anything with the IBX.

I used to have the Marker 1200 Pistons on my old Volkls and they worked great.
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It's *entirely* possible that I'm wrong! As I said, I know very little about bindings. Thanks for the clarification.
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picked up the gamma 320's for my wife today at smitty's.....just to give you an idea of deals there I paid $250 w marker 1000 binding.....they did have the volkl supersport gamma in a 154 only.....Rob is working today...give him a call if you are interested.....they are dealing and it is a great shop.....tell Rob Paul told you to call iva epicski. I mentioned your plight to him....he said they sold out the burning luv recently, hot ski...ordered a lot more for next season.....It's a long time Volkl,K2, Salomon and Dynastar shop they known their stuff....
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Thanks, hrstrat57. I am going to keep trying to find the Burnin' Luvs since I really liked them a LOT when I demo'ed them. As I said, I did find them used, but the binding issue makes me nervous. (Not just that it's a binding I'm unfamiliar with, but more about adjustments. The previous owner had a size 24 or 25 boot, and I'm in a 26.5--which I'm afraid might mean redrilling or that they'll be difficult to adjust correctly for her boot's centerpoint vs. mine.) I'm so clueless about bindings I'm wondering if I should just cough up the $$ to try to find a new pair, or take the used pair and hope the bindings aren't an issue.
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doubt the binding would be an issue, ironic you have the same size boot as me, a big guy with little feet! Most techs have told me skis can be remounted twice....so one remount if necessary shouldn't be a worry.....and the slightly used should save you large buck. If you have a good relationship with your neighborhood shop I am sure they will have no worries with setting up your new rig.....my guy (smitty's)sets up all my stuff all the time, he knows I got a whole family skiing and I send a lot of refrls like you..... btw I rode up with a wachusett instructor today who was an the volkl ss gammas in the 154 motion....she was about your size and was raving about em....I noticed quite a few pair of the burning luv orange rigs in the racks today too...alot of good lady skiers on the hill today....(did you try the Wachusett pro shop or Strands in Worcester?)
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Wachusett is where I demo'ed them yesterday.

Took a lesson from Eduardo while I was on the Burnin' Luvs (I demo'ed three diff. pairs of skis yesterday) and he thought they were a pretty good ski for me. The shop there is sold out, and even the demo had been sold (I was essentially skiing on someone else's ski!)

Thanks for the tip about Smitty's. I called and talked to Rob, and he's trying to hunt down a pair for me. He was really great and very helpful, too.

I've never heard of Strand's, but I'll give them a try, too!
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can see Strand's from I 190 one of the best and oldest shops in NE....I pro formed skis/boot there in the 90's, top notch....Smitty's is good at tracking stuff down....keep your chin up....you'll find em
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If you want to know which new K2 is the equivalent of the Spire (or other models) go to http://www.k2women.com and post the question on the forum board and the rep will tell you.

A while ago I asked what the "Luv" equivalent is to the T: Nine X and they said The "One Luv." The Spire may be listed there, too, but I wasn't paying attention.
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My bosses wife has a pair of 160cm burnin' luvs, also with the 1200 piston control for sale only skied five or six days, for $475.00. She bought them at the start of the year with our ski order, but decided on another ski. Only problem is we are in colorado.
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Sounds like a possibility if I don't find a new pair at a reasonable price (which I haven't so far!) Thanks for the info! Any idea what size boot she's in?
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I'm not sure if they ship, but Nestors sporting goods in Allentown,PA(1-800-898-1133) and Quakertown,PA(1-800-439-2858) had a few sizes left in the both the Burnin Luv and Gamma Supersport, as of yesterday. You could ask for Pete(owner) at Allentown,or Nick, at Quakertown - both super nice guys. Tell them that Jim (the guy who just purchased the 163 cm Head XRC 1100 SWs) said to give them a try.
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Thanks for all the tips, everyone! I did find more than one pair available, and ended up going with one that Rob at Smitty's tracked down for me--a new pair with Marker 1200 Piston Control bindings. Since it's close enough for me to drive, I won't have to deal with shipping, or with having to take them in to get the bindings set elsewhere.

If anyone's still looking, Nestors sporting goods had two pairs in 160 cm at their Allentown store for $479, plus another $180 if you wanted the Marker 1200 bindings (they have others, but I didn't get the pricing.) I didn't get around to checking the Quakertown shop. Also, in Massachusetts, the Ski Market in Shrewsbury has a pair of 160 cm with the IBX bindings for $615 or so. St. Moritz Sports in Wellesley, MA, has a pair of the 167 cm for the same price.

And again, everyone, thanks so much for all the help with this! It's very much appreciated
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