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Hi guys,

Well i am about to buy a new pair of skis and today i had the chance to ski some models like the dynamic sl vr27 and the head chip cp 13.I was lucky though there the mountain wasn't crowded at all and i was able to ski them all day.

The skiing conditions were really good,i skied with my marmot windstopper,it was sunny and the temperature about 0 degrees (celcium).

I think i most liked dynamics compared to the head ones but i found them more like a demanding ski.I really loved the grip on hard ice and the way they carved but i am worried whether with these skis after a long day i am gonna feel exhausted.The problem seemed to be in deep snow and in powder where i think the head ones were better.
The head ones on the other side are more like an easy-going ski. They performed really well both on course and in powder.In powder they performed better than the dynamic but i think that's because dynamic are designed as race skis.What i don't like abou the head ones is the sense that they have electronic stuff on them. Skiing is more like a direct feeling with the mountain and i hate the idea that i am using electronics. It feels like cheating.

Next time i am gonna try the atomic sl 9m and i will come up with a review.I have heard great thing about the sl 11m but since some times i am getting lazy and careless i think buying them isn't that a great idea. Do you think
sl 9m will be more easy-driving?What's their main difference to the 11m ones?

If you have any other suggestions or you just have tried any of these skis i would really like to hear from you!!!!!!!!