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Referencing a specific post?

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I have been trying to re-create the old ability to reference a post in-context in its thread, and I have just not figured it out! How do I do it? I know how to get the post in isolation and build a URI for that. I also know how to create the URI for a complete thread. But, how do I create a URI for the 5th post in a thread? And is there an easy way to right click somewhere and get the right URI into the clipboard?

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open the thread you that you want to use. then right click on the post number. (upper right hand border of the post next to the report this post (!) icon. Copy the link location and paste it where ever you want.

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Originally Posted by Kneale Brownson
For me, Kneale, that shows the post on its own (outside the context of the thread).
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Perhaps like this: http://forums.epicski.com/showpost.p...12&postcount=3

Edit: nope... It still just refers to the post out of context. Any other ideas?
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This is apparently not possible currently in native vBulletin (at least easily). See this post from the vBulletin forums for this quote:

It happens quite frequently on my board that a user wants to refer to another post in another thread. There is, of course the number link in the top right corner of each message that produces a separate page with only that message in it (with an URL such as "http://viestit.etusivu.net/showpost...98&postcount=16"). Frequently, however, it is more desirable to post a link to a message in context, and currently there are two ways to produce the needed URL:

  1. Copy the URL of the showpost window, and edit it to say (following the above example) "http://viestit.etusivu.net/showthread.php?p=115498#post115498" instead
  2. search posts with a string from the message you want to link to, and then click on the subject of the correct message so that the page with the desired URL is displayed.
Neither of the above methods is practical for an average user, many of whom aren't technical. Thus I suggest a "get reference" (or something along those lines) link to be added next to the message number in the upper right corner of each message. This is, of course, relatively easy to add as a template mod as well, but I think many users at large would find the feature handy, and thus I'm suggesting it as a new feature in a future version of vBulletin.

The link could either copy the reference to the clip-board (and display a browser-alert to let the user know), or display a separate page with the reference URL.
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