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Just got back from Winter Park. Haven't had time to watch the tape. I saw the highlight of the wheel coming off.
Kind of like the time Mika lost the clutch in sight of the finish (but downhill of the line)
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Montoya was flat-spotted too. He said he had to lift on the straights so that he could see the braking points.
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I was ready to give ryan's driver props. Kind of like Charley Brown, Lucky yanks the football away again. He did a good job of driving that trike though.
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Sorry, but I have to vent. I think the tire rules are the stupidest move F-1 has made. Someone is going to get killed or seriously wounded. Anyone else notice all the unsafe tires on cars. I can't remember whose car it was that had part of the front ripped off by tire strips.
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I agree, Lucky, although it does make for more exciting viewing.
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I've been wondering about the rule that says the tires can't be slick at the finish. Several cars appeared to have no grooves left.
Safety is the big issue though.
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DOes anyone know why there is no Austrian GP this year?
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Fox, we have NASCAR for that.
If F-1 tracks had more room to pass you would see plenty of action.
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There was a picture of the Renault's tires from Monaco where you could see the canvas under the rubber.
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Lucky, if they had more room, they would be easier to drive! (but also, in the past, there used to be more passing - go back to the 80s and the days of turbos, etc)
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Just saw that CBS will carry the Canadian GP
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Anyone going to the USGP? I am.
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I'll look for you on TV. Yoiu'll br the one with the red shirt, right?
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And hat
Just got an invite to go on a bikeride in Watertown, WI at the Trek factory with Rubins, Mark Webber and Christain Klien. They're doing a promo there on Monday (6/13). One of the "regulars" at the Blue Moon works for Trek and invited us.
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Things are looking up (I hope)
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Yeah, it looks like Reubens is leaving for BAR.
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Just got back from Montreal. Sunburn, despite the SPF60...
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What's that Fox? Where did you hear that?
Looked like quite an eventful race. CBS did it's usual bad job.
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Slatz, he announced the other day that he was 50/50 to stay with Ferrari.
That means he's going.

Most obvious place would be to a team with a Brazilian boss who thinks he's great.
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I thought about asking him when I saw him today but didn't think it would be appropriate.
I just returned from the Trek factory at Watertown, WI. Our bike ride was cut short by thunderstorms. That gave us a little more time to hang around with them. I got Rubins' autograph on my Ferrari 50th anniversary hat. Mark Webber signed my FIAT T shirt. After the ride I had a conversation with Mark about Australia and got a few tips on how to play my digeredoo that I bought when I was at the Olympics. I didn't get to talk to Rubins though. Christain Klien's flight was delayed and he didn't make the ride.
This was part of a promotion with the Discovery Cycling Team. My friend ,who is into cycling, recognized some of the team members and a mountain bike rider who rides for Trek or one of their brands. He was pretty impressed to meet those guys too.
They're having dinner in Madison at the resturant of one of my former athletes. I'm going up there to hang out awhile tonight.
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"Schumacher may quit soon, says brother Ralf"

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Yeah I just read that article on the BBC page.

I think they might be exaggerating Ralf's words just a wee bit.
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I'm looking out for Slatz, and it looks like it's going to be an interesting um, "race".
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United States GP starts.... with six cars!

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Lap 40, hey Slatz, are you home yet?
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What a joke ! Those new rules for tires should change ASAP !
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It was a disgrace. I feel sorry for the fans who made the effort to go there. Hopefully there won't be the same problems in the GPWC.
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Hum, I'll believe in GPWC (now named 'Grand Prix Racing' I think) when I'll see its first race.
The fans must have been mad indeed. What kind of a motorsport is that when you're not allowed to change your used tires ! Formula One, the very best of motor racing technology. Hundreds of milions $ a year for 2 cars, and old tires...
Related news : Michelin stocks down by 2% at noon at the Paris stock exchange....
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Originally Posted by philippeR
Related news : Michelin stocks down by 2% at noon at the Paris stock exchange....
Interesting. Michelin pull their tyres off the race for saftey, after one major accident. Remember a few years back in the US when Bridgestone/Firestone tyres were causing many major accidents on road cars?
I admire Michelin for doing something positive to protect the drivers.
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I'm only a casual follower of F1, but watch quite a bit of motor sports in general. The sanctioning body dropped the ball here. The easy solution was to abandon the 1 tire/weekend rule. That was a easy solution, that could have been "fair" to all the teams. Better to do that than to Kill F1 in the United States (which is most likely what they've done.)

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