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What about the "dry" weight part? What does that rule say?
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There is no dry weight part. Its a figment of the FIA's imagination, more or less.

Nowhere in the tech or sports regs does the term "dry weight" come up.

What the FIA meant to do was mention that the car will be weighed in the operating condition, except that the fuel tanks shall be empty. That is precisely what the Group N regs state (5.1) and is the source of this controversy. They forgot this rule, and BAR "capitalized" by making unusable fuel "usable" in the since that it helps satisfy the minimum weight requirement.
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From the diagram on SPEED channel it looked like the car couldn't run if that fuel was used.

Today's race didn't appear too exciting on the internet. I'll have to wait to watch the delayed () coverage.
ryan should be happy though.
Quite a feat for Fisi to set fastest lap on the last lap. His pass may be the best part of the race.
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Slatz, no, it wasn't very exciting. About the best bit was where the two McLarens passed Shumacher as he exited the pits.
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Originally Posted by SLATZ
From the diagram on SPEED channel it looked like the car couldn't run if that fuel was used.
Yes, that is quite correct. The evidence BAR provided to the court of appeal proved that the car wouldn't run without the "secret compartment" full of 6kg of fuel.

Can't wait to watch the race late.
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Well I am glad to see hat my boys from Woking have finally got speed and yes, say it with me, reliablility! Who would have guessed it would be Ferrari that can't finish a race? Kimi has a long way to go to WDC, but it could happen.

What did you guys think of JPM? I haven't seen te race yet, but I saw his results. Not great. Obviously, we have to cut him some slack for being injured and all, but I'm sure Wurz or PdL could have been on the podium. Probably Wurz would have had the best chance as he wouldn't have had to play track sweeper. Do you guys think JPM will ever find Kimi's pace? I wonder.
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Montoya did another of his typical moves(spinning under no pressure). I thought he'd outgrown those. He did pass Michael on the restatrt though, something he's known for.
I remember when I read Best Damn Garage in Town(written when Montoya was CART Champ) that Smoky mentioned Michael along with Fangio, A J Foyt and several others as drivers who "went fast rite now". Conspicuously absent were Richard Petty and Montoya. He went on to talk about drivers whose parents had the money for them to hang around long enough and get good cars to drive.
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I didn't see the race, so obviously not the spin either, but.... in reading the post race comments, neither RD or NH mentioned the spin. Montoya said it was from a traction control problem. I'm inclined to believe him as it was apparently in a strange place, and the aforementioned team principles did not mention it. I like Montoya, and I know he's fast, I just hate to watch Wurz going to race when I think he is fastER.
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BTW Slatz - I hope your Ferraris do a nice job of sweeping the track in Monaco for my McLarens. Ouch!
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OUR McLarens.
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Lucky, HELP! They're ganging up. :
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Even a blind dog finds a bone occasionally.
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Montoya (too fat for F-1) seems to have a penchant for spinning out and running into other cars. I wonder how long it will be before Ferrari unloads on Bridgestone?
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Not looking too good this weekend

They said on SPEED's coverage that a Japanese newspaper said Bridgestone's head guy said "We've developed a new family of ploymers. If we do well this weekend there's hope for the rest of the season. If we don't the season is probably gone".
Not looking good today.
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Too bad the race didn't last a few more laps. Things were pretty interesting for the last 15 laps or so.
Are you smiling?
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I wish it could have been a few laps longer too. Then Montoya, the Schumachers and Barrichelo could have passed Alonso too.

I think that McLaren served notice this weekend. ALL YOUR RACES ARE BELONG TO US!
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Nice race by Villeneucve - not!

Was it just me, or did MS band into his brother as they crossed the line? I'd be pissed!

Continuing to be unimpressed by JPM.
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I replayed that a few times. I couldn't tell if they touched or not. Michael didn't move to his left, it looked like Ralf didn't see him and was turning slightly to his right then quickly moved left to avoid contact. The angle wasn't good enough to see if they touched.
Jaques always used to do things like that (at the chicane) as I remember.
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Anyone going to the Canadian GP?

I'm getting pretty excited about going, never been before.
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I'm going to Indy.
Just got word that some drivers may be around our area (Madison WI) for some promo between the Canadian and US GPs. I'll let you know.
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Did you hear that Scott Speed may be driving the third Red Bull Racing at Indy? I hope that pans out. Too bad they're not gonna run the Star Wars livery all year. The stormtrooper pit crew was the best. They should have had the drivers wear Jedi capes though.
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I did hear about Scott.
The helmets weren't too far off. How about the fire marshals? They looked like they fit right in.
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Originally posted by skiingman
Anyone going to the Canadian GP?

I'm getting pretty excited about going, never been before.
I'm going to the Canadian assuming my tickets deal goes through OK.
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WOW! You have to watch this race right to the very end...
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Pit Crew: Is this lock nut really important :

Answer: :
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It wasn't the locknut that failed, it was his suspension after the pouding it had taken from the tyre, which was flat-spotted and close to shredded
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WTFH, yeah heard that later.

I was on the way to the office and I heard on the radio that Raikkonen had lost a wheel whilst leading on the last lap. When something like that happens, I always think of Nigel Mansell's tyre disintegrating in Adelaide in 1987 ... last lap ...needing to win to claim the championship ... ouch.
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Taxman, the TV/commentary for the last few laps were all about whether his tyre would survive, and when you saw the on-car shots, and how much the whole car was vibrating, it was amazing he kept it on the circuit. Made for an exciting climax, and now makes for an even more exciting championship. He definitely has the best car under him, but how quickly will he catch Alonso?
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WTFH, radio as in news broadcast as opposed to race broadcast (hence locknut comment), sounded like an intereting race, I will catch up and view it later on cable.

Now if only Webber would pull his finger out at the starts. Heifeld and Webber have show that the Williams is not that far of the pace and both are reasonable race drivers, Williams need to get the starts sorted out.
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