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The new Ferrari will run at Bahrain.
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Just got word, the Madison branch of the Wisconsin Alfa Romeo Owners Club will have it's first F-1 breackfast of the season this weekend at the Blue Moon Tavern.
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Are you happy? Wurz has the field covered by almost 2 seconds.
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aah, the bait is on the water.
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No strikes yet
Things are looking up for Michael.
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Yeah, mechanical breakdown.
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First the good news:
This was the best batch of F-1 Bloody Mary mix I've made in quite awhile.
I don't think I have to tell anyone the bad news.
C'mon ryan de la Rosa had fast lap of the race.
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Once again props to Renault. I wonder when dissention will strike the Ferrari team?
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I see Wurz will be driving the McLaren. Also Pizzonia may drive the BMW. It seems both Weber and Heidfeldt are hurting.
No meeting at the Blue Moon tavern this week, Tom's out of town.
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I'm so psyched to see Wurz finally get a shot at a race. I'm a little bummed this race is on ABC though. They'd better not have Jason Priestley commentating again!
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Oh s*&t! That's right it's delayed :
I guess we wouldn't have been able to have a breakfast anyway.
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Michael may be too far back for a front row start.
At least the west coast fans won't have to get up at 5:00 AM.
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OK, it's not over yet (7 laps to go), and I won't give away the situation, BUT... this is one race worth watching.
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I watched the timing on the website. I can't wait to see the TV coverage.
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Great race. Right to the wire.
Had me on the edge of my seat even though I knew the outcome.
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Canadian Grand Prix, Montreal

I was thinking about going up to watch the Canadian Grand prix. Are any of you guys familiar with the circuit can recommend the best locations for seats?
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Renault is hot this year. Is ryan no longer an F-1 fan?
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well, i was really diggin' the first few laps...:
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Originally Posted by ScotsSkier
I was thinking about going up to watch the Canadian Grand prix. Are any of you guys familiar with the circuit can recommend the best locations for seats?
no luck there -- all the good locations (the hairpin and overlooking the straights) are sold out according to ...

out of the "gold" tickets there are two stands left on the start-finish straightway, if you hurry up you can get "silver" that will give you hairpin action (24)...

"bronze" is good if you're on a budget. besides, i'm of the opinion that if you want to watch an F1 race you're better off staying at home. go to montreal if you want to _hear_ it
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Thanks f2f. Yeah, I know the official site is showing sold out for the best loactions, but there are still tickets out there. The gold ones on the start/finish straight are a bit boring. Following some further research I reckon the outside of the Senna curves is probably the best as you can see the chicane at teh start of the straight, the pit entrance and exit as well as the corner. Means secondary market tickets tho so also thinking about corners 6/7 or 8/9. TV is alright but given the proximity I reckon it is worth a trip on this occasion
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I've never been to Canada but USGP tickets are pretty cheap. $85 at full price and cheaper on the street (legal scalping in Indiana) Rooms are pricy, up to $200 per night.

Good to hear from you ryan.
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Originally Posted by ScotsSkier
TV is alright but given the proximity I reckon it is worth a trip on this occasion
definitely don't miss it if you have a chance. montreal is a good cirquit that most drivers like, even if it doesn't pack much action (though watch out for those tyres and brakes this year). the scenery around is also fantastic. i've heard that roaming is permitted (or at least not explicitly forbidden) and you can walk around in the zone your ticket is for.
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Even though Kimi didn't make it to the first pit stop, I still feel pretty good about this race. Call me crazy, but the McLaren seems pretty good. It's been pretty reliable , more finishes then the Ferrari anyway, it certainly has speed, and they seem to have improved qualifying. I can only hoppe the driveshaft was a freak thing, I don't expect it to be a chronic problem. Probvably all that curb hopping was bad for it.

Anyway, great race between Alonso and Michael. I still think it's a shame though that a car which is soooo much faster can't make a pass n today's F1. I was honestly expecting Michael to get the red haze like back in the good old days and just punt Alonso on the last lap. So glad he didn't....

What's up with Williams?

Red Bull/Ferrari?


Does this mean we won't have Cosworth to kick around anymore? I'd like to see Williams drop or get dropped by BMW and then go with Cosworth. It would be nice to see them remain as a true independent, and I think that the Cosworth could be a a better engine then the BMW or at least it's equal.
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epic, I agree with you about passing oportunities in F-1.
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When you consider that the car behind looses a lot of downforce, Michael must have really had his hands full to run so close for so many laps.
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No BAR for the next two races. : Seems a little harsh.
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Would they have handed down the same punishment if it had been Ferarri?
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After hearing the details (extra fuel tank compartment) I guess they got off light. They tried that axle thing last year that was clearly forbidden before they used it.
As for Ferrari, remember the brake lockup issue? They got off pretty light on that one. After all, they're not in the "breakaway"gang.
Heard the SPEED channel guys saying the next years V8s are turning over 20,000 RPMs on the dyno. That sounds impressive.
BTW the red cars weren't too impressive today
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Personally, I think BAR got raped. The issue is not that clearcut. Having read the thousands of posts on AtlasF1, the rules seem unclear and contradictory. I think they should have just clarified what the rule is and left it. There's nothing wronmg with the fuel tank itself, it's justthat the fuel in the pickup was used as ballast. The car supposedly can't run without it, so the car never ran light. Add 6kgs of ballast and the car is legal. Simple. I think if it was Ferrari, they would be said to be "pushing the limits" - but since it's BA, they are "cheating". Mosley wanted them banned for the year!
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There was not an "extra fuel tank compartment" as was claimed by ignorant stewards at first.

I spent a good bit of time reading that 103 page document earlier, and I've spent a good bit of time reading the regulations in the past. I have always found the F1 weight regulations to be rather ambiguous, and in fact they are.

This decision was at least 99 percent political. There is absolutely no good reason for the penalty.

Using 6kg of fuel as ballast would be a violation of the rules, but they weren't using it as ballast. They were using it to guarantee a pressurized source of fuel for the accumulator for the very high pressure (~735psi) mechanical fuel pump.

Submitted in that document was a letter from ATL, pointing out that there was nothing odd or terribly unique about the BAR design.

Here are a couple of the relevant rules:
Originally Posted by technical regulations

4.1 Minimum weight :

The weight of the car must not be less than 605 kg during the qualifying practice session and no less than 600 kg at all other times during the Event.

4.2 Ballast :

Ballast can be used provided it is secured in such a way that tools are required for its removal. It must be possible to fix seals if deemed necessary by the FIA technical delegate.

4.3 Adding during the race :
With the exception of fuel and compressed gases, no substance may be added to the car during the race. If it becomes necessary to replace any part of the car during the race, the new part must not weigh any more than the original part.

FIA has the data, and BAR has the data, to prove that the car satisfied 4.1, otherwise it would have ceased running...
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