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So Heidfeld signs for BMW, what does that do for the silly season?
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Didn't see that. Where is it?
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Here's hoping for a wet track. (not a downpour)
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Well, you got your wet track Slatz. Exciting race. I was a little suprised that the dry tires never worked out.
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It was a pretty exciting race.
I'm not sure Sato got a fair shake though. From what I read it didn't sound much different that Jaun Pablo and Tiago. THere must not of been much footage or we'd have seen it by now.
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I agree about Sato. A shame that he probably won't e back next year. He hasnn't had a great year, but he is a racer and I like having him in the sport.
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Too bad, I've never been a Button fan. Sato has about as big a set as anyone out there.
He walked by my table and waved at someone in the room (not me) Saturday night in Idianapolis.
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Just watched a Tivo of Wind Tunnel. Bob Varsha said, and I'd heard elswhere that there was going to be an announcment about the USGP and the refund checks. Anyone heard anything? It's Friday.
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Looks like Button finally got things straightened out.
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US Grand Prix back in Indianapolis July 2, 2006.

I think I saw on the news refund checks started going out last week?? Or maybe real soon. I know there was some kind of announcement.
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I saw the listing today for the USGP but no news on the checks or free tickets.
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The check came in the mail today with an offer that if I buy two tickets by Oct 21st, I'll get two free ones "as close as possible" to my other two.
The chances of getting two good seats on this deal are slim at best I'd guess. On the other hand the four tickets could be "trading stock".
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Looks like Fernando is going to wrap it up.
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he put in a stonking lap with the improved Renault engine - well deserved pole. Shame abut Kimi losing it.
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I didn't see the race (I have it on TIVO) but it sounded pretty good. Not a good one for the red cars I guess.
One more to go. Not much left to settle I guess.
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I finally watched the tape from last weekend. Best race in a long time. Most passing I can remember.
ryan should be happy. Quite a drive by Kimi.
Got to go. Qualifying is starting for China.
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I just slept through the Chinese GP - by accident/hangover, and now I've read that it was an exciting finish to the season. The replay is on shortly.
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Not bad. I set my alarm but couldn't wake up at 1:00 AM. Thank goodness for TIVO. It certainly didn't measure up to last week. There were a few fights but mostly a parade.
Alanso said they had more but didn't use it.

Is a hangover an "accident"?
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Best part of the race : Alonso singing "we are the champions" on the team radio when crossing the finish line.
#2 : Briatore on the podium, looking as he is crying. He's not. Alonso just pours half a bottle of champagne in his eyes.
I'm not sure Raikkonen and Dennis would have looked half as happy, had they been in Alonso and Briatore's shoes...
/ end of gallic bragging...
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Props to Alonso and Renault
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He won as many races as Kimi, so there can't be as many sour grapes on that one.
The ITV commentary pointed out that Alonso should stick to what he's good at, and not enter Pop Idol...
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I'll second those two.
You didn't answer my "philisophical" question.
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Slatz, it was too deep for me...
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Did you look in the bottom of the glass?
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Check out the November issue of Road and Track. Peter Egan writes about our F-1 bike ride.
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Adrian Newey to Red Bull :
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Slatz, did you see the Grand Prix Masters?
Looks like that could be a good series!
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I was going to post about that last night. Nige is back.

Where is Prost?
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Did you see mansell's daughter?:
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