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what? you mean the fact that shumacher qualified ahead of montoya?
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That too
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Unfortunately for some, he couldn't FINISH ahead of Montoya...
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It looked promising for awhile there. In the past the Bridgestones were better at the end. Not this time
How many times has something like that happened to Kimi?
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This is the third time this season Alonso has won a race that Kimi was well on the way to winning.
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A question was asked on the ITV feed - how come JPM's car keeps going, but Kimi's is the one which fails?
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They did say they were putting a new engine in after he spun in qualifying. It didn't sound like an engine failure though.
The same thing happened to Kimi at least once last year too.
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The reason I'm here so soon is that CBS is providing the coverage in the "States" today and it won't be on for three more hours. I watched the live timing at Fourmula1.com.
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An interesting race!
Some questions being asked about the legality of some of the drivers going off course, and gaining places at the start (including MS)
Villeneuve should retire - he was causing accidents today, and I'm not sure if he even managed one complete lap on the black stuff...

(now watching the end of the Tour)
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I'll watch for that at the start. It was mentioned without comment on F-1.com.
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The comments were only made by the TV guys, no stewards inquiry or anything. But when you think about it, you're not allowed to gain places by going off the official course, which is what some of them did.
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More than half in that first turn it looked like.
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Suprisingly Rubins looked competitive. We'll see tomorrow.
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Pole is good
Hope he doesn't run out of gas on the formation lap. :
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I'm interested to see if Bridgestone has their issues ironed out or if they will be gone by mid-race.

"I know you can fight, it's our wits that make us men."
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Pretty good race until Kimi took the lead. Not a lot of excitement after that. A little when Ralfie climed up on Michael's gearbox in the last laps. I suppose Ralf knew Michael wouldn't let him by and decided to save his points.
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Looks like Bridgestone still is having problems.
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Looks like Fox called it on Rubins. No surprise with Massa.
I'll bet Sato is hoping Button goes to Williams.
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I can't remember the last time I saw Michael pack it into the tires. :
Not looking good again. I heard the new tires didn't work and they're using the ones from Turkey.
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one word

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Raikkonen has to change his engine. -10 places
It's sad to see.
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I'll be interesting to see Alanso and Juan Pablo go into that first turn.
Fernando is very quick off the line and has the straight line speed.
The RED cars were better than expected. They can't be ruled out for a podium.
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No points again
Michael's out of it. Kimi is only "mathmatically" in reach. Next weekend should clinch it.
I was hoping Fernando and Juan Pablo would be wheel to wheel into turn one. That would have been interesting. As it was there wasn't much excitement other than Michlin tires failing.
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F-1 is not the race it used to be. The new rules SUCK!
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Yes they do. Monza was pretty much a parade. The one tire rule is dangerous and takes a lot of the action out of pitstops.
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And it looks like Michelin are going to pull out of F1 because of the way Bernie is heading - i.e. he wants only 1 tyre manufacurer.
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That's not Bernie. I heard it was Max M.
BTW I filed my ticket refund form. I should get most of my money back.
Peter Windsor did a piece about Williams tire problems in Turkey Sunday. He appearantly got an admission from Michlin that Toyota was the only team who actually had problems at the USGP and that their opinion was that if the other teams had raced they probably would have done OK. He finished by saying "so in the end it was all political".
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I think it's sad thqat the fastest driver in the fastest car will NOT win the WDC this year. Giving a ten places penalty for a tire change in practice is ludicrous.
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