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Interesting document with Max Mosley's say:

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Official statement by Michelin.

Two key elements must be known about the Indianapolis circuit:
_ Turn 13, with its severe banking, is the only turn of its kind in a season of 19 races.
_ Testing at Indianapolis was not possible.
As a consequence, in order to define the specification of its tyres for Indianapolis, Michelin had to carry out simulation work based on the results of less severe testing at other venues and on estimations concerning the specific conditions likely to be met at Indianapolis in 2005.

The Michelin investigations have revealed that the loads exerted on the rear left tyre through Turn 13 at Indianapolis were far superior to the highest estimations of Michelin's engineers. This year, the situation through this corner turned out to be altered by the extreme combination of the speed, lateral acceleration and additional dynamic load. The tyres which Michelin took were therefore insufficiently adapted to the extreme conditions of Turn 13 in 2005.This was a problem.
As a consequence:
1. Based on these investigations, Michelin has revised its simulation model for 'banked' corners such as Turn 13 at Indianapolis in view of the special effects caused by this corner.
2. Michelin requests that it be possible in the future to undertake testing at Indianapolis before the Grand Prix.
3. Michelin confirms that it will be present with safe, competitive tyres at the forthcoming Grand Prix races.
I'm confused. Did they had a chance to test at Indy this year, or not ?
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Peter Windsor, when interviewed on Wind Tunnel 6/19, said, "do you know how many teams sent cars to do the pre-USA tire tests? Phillipe Massa and Anthony Davidson were the only drivers, everyone else went to Silverstone".
I just finished watching it again before I posted this. That's what I based my previous posts on. I too read Michlin's statement and am curious. I wonder if there's any way to ask what Peter meant by "pre-USA tire tests".
Peter, earlier in the interview, said that most teams had made air pressure and camber adjustments and hadn't had a problem.("although they hadn't made any long runs") He said it was the opinion of the drivers he'd talked to on Saturday that that would work. He felt that Michlin exagerated the safety issue.
I have saved the interview on my TIVO. I wonder if there's a transcript of it somewhere? Possibly on SPEED's website?
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According to this discussion (with a link to Windsor interview + a loong discussion on Speed forum I don't have the time to read) they actualy didn't had access to the newly resurfaced banking. But I'm not sure...

Peter, earlier in the interview, said that most teams had made air pressure and camber adjustments and hadn't had a problem.("although they hadn't made any long runs") He said it was the opinion of the drivers he'd talked to on Saturday that that would work. He felt that Michlin exagerated the safety issue.
In last week AutoHebdo (a french motorsports weekly, unavalable on line) ran a lenghty article on those questions of pressure and camber. It looks like Toyota run the practice and the qualifications with quite a radical set up (strong camber, low pressure) because they were chasing the pole position for the US GP. Thus Michelin issued recommendations regarding air pressure that may have saved the tyres, but were considered too high by most teams and would have ruined their cars handling.
What happened next is unclear (Auto Hebdo is quite sympathetic to Michelin of course...). One can imagine that Michelin was afraid the teams would not follow the advice. Or that an increase of pressure was eventualy considered as not enough. Or that they tried (Michelin and the Michelin equiped teams) to save their GP with a chicane...

Anyway, I hope you'll get a refund !
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In today's paper: Michelin to offer refunds.
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If the refunds go through the Speedway's ticket office I'm sunk. I bought mine elswhere. Last year I tried to renew my tickets and they only deal with people who bought them through their office.
We'll see.
Overall I had a good time that weekend. The race itself didn't live up to expectations but I'm not totally bummed. A "match race" between Michael and Rubins was better than nothing.
We had dinner at a resturant downtown and saw Montoya, Hiedfeldt, Sato and Norbert Hauge there. That was pretty cool.
I had several good conversations with other fans I met and the guy who sat in front of me has extra tickets each year and took my e-mail saying he'd sell me two for next year. We'll see.
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Cautious optomism for the RED cars.
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With Michael fastest in the first sector and right behind Alanso, the start should be pretty interesting.
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So much for that idea
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Never mind, Slatz. 3rd isn't too bad...
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I love this one
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I noticed that when it happened.
It was Bridgestone that had problems this time. I guess that was a team screw-up though.
Like they said at Monaco, "if this doesn't do it, we're probably not going to get it the rest of the season". Something like that anyway. It's proving to be true.
Jean Todt said they don't have time to do much development for Silverstone. I guess tempurature will make the most difference. That seemed to be the difference between Saturday and Sunday.
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Not looking good.
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It's only about 20 miles up the road from me, but I'll watch it on TV...
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Hey Ryan! (oh, maybe I should keep the noise down, he may have a hangover from celebrating...)

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I was wondering why he's been so quiet.
C'mon ryan, it's your turn to crow a little (or a lot)
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So, SLATZ, has MS given up for this season?
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: :
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He doesn't talk to me (I wish he did). According to him as long as it's "mathmatically possible" he won't give up. I have to say, his latest statements were pretty subdued.
It's beginning to feel (to me) like "Casey at the Bat"
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Slatz, I saw a 360 Spyder today. Now if I get a divorce, bag my house payments and work a few more years....just maybe
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Nice car.
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Funny, I had some thoughts like that Sunday when I was mowing the lawn. Only in my case the divorice part wouldn't help.
We're passing through Seattle Aug 13-20. I'll call you.
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F-1 Live had a piece today titled "Schumacher glum on prospects for Hockenhiem". It is the frst time I think I've ever seen him make a negative statement. Things must be pretty bad at Marenello.
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Anyone know what happened to F1.racing-live.com website?
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Lack of "pace" blamed on old tires. Not looking good
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Interesting comments on "Top Gear", a car show on the BBC. They were test driving the Ferrari F430. It did well, but... both their test driver, and the Ferrari test driver said that the F430 did not perform as well when on the Bridgestones it came with as standard, and they should be replaced with a different brand of tyre.
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Thanks for the link. That looks like a pretty good site.
F-1 Live did get back up but doesn't load very well.
I did see those pieces on the FIA Senate decision. Thanks.
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Qualifying wasn better than expected.
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