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F-1 Starts

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F-1 starts this weekend in Melbourne. Ryan must be really excited about the "team" of Juan Pablo Moantoya (too fat for F-1) and Kimi. Wonder how many times Juan will take him out.

Go Ferrari!
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So far they're on top but it looks like the RED cars are "laying in the weeds".
We'll see tomorrow.
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Are Ferrari going to allow Minardi to race?
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
Are Ferrari going to allow Minardi to race?
of course not, minardi is their main competitor! without them shoemaker's twenty fifth consecutive title is virtually assured!

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I mean, all the other teams have said OK, but not JT!
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they (ferrari, JT) don't like stoddart because he was the voice of the 'gang of nine'.

one conspiracy theory states that stoddart was the prime mover (as the main figure to face the press) behind the push for a single tyre supplier for f1. ferrari makes $30 million a year testing tyres for bridgestone.

here's a long, but very interesting interview:
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Ferrari did give the okay, but FIA stewards said no. Minardi was able to get a court injunction that will allow them to run in the qualifying sessions on Sat.
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Nothing like a little rain to liven things up.
Now if some of that would just come your way Lucky.
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I used to do a lot of F1 in my mis-spent youth.
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What a crap race! Were there any passes. I don't know if I can even watch F1 this year. Max Moseley please leave now!
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Hey, what about DC's performance in the Red Bull!. Looks like he has got his appetite for racing back this season.
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new f1 drinking game (to replace the one from the 70's, which was exactly oposite): have a sip for each lap where nobody passes anyone else.

lowest point of the race for me was spoonface running heidfeld off the track and risking other's lives just to be able to go back in the pit (admittedly, just before that i was rooting for him to go fast, just so we can get some passing action!)...

i'm waiting for nigel roebuck's commentary on this one...
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I hate the new rules. I think it sucks that Michael took the car off the track so they could use a new engine for the next race. They are ruining F-1. They need to change tracks to foster more opportunities to pass.
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So, apart from Michael not finishing, and for taking out another driver, he should face a race ban, or be docked points when he finally gets some...

I think it was a good Grand Prix, nice to see Renault getting a win.
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If they get a Vodka sponsor on the car, I'm rooting for Red Bull Racing this year!
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Don't mean to sound like an old timer, but are there still F2 and F3 races? I haven't followed F1 in a long time. F1 races used to be preceeded by an F2 or F3 race. Now where did I put my dam cane?
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Yes, there stil are F2 races. F3 became F3000 about a decade ago!
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Watched some of the Australian GP qualifying....and a bit of the race.....enjoyed it. Unfortunately I remember when F1 cars had no wings.....late sixties....at Montjuic, Barcelona. The track is now located outside the city, I think. :
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it was an ok race, the new rules stupid. just coz ferrari owns dont cry you're not good enough. get better to catch up to them. stupid minardi
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I seem to remember some passing. Didn't Alonzo and Villenueve go at it a few times?
Ferrari is not going to put a fresh engine in Michael's car for the next race. Seems they may want to use the new car for the third round.
Is it snowing yet Lucky? April showers you know
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Yes, there stil are F2 races. F3 became F3000 about a decade ago!
WTFH, I think it is the other way round. F3 is still an active formula
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Slatz, I BBq'd for the third time this week. Temp was almost 70 yesterday. :
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Let's keep our fingers crossed, I booked my flight.
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F3 engine displacement still 1000cc? F2 @2000cc, and F1 @ 3000cc?
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2005 F-1 engine specs-V-10 3000cc no more than 5 valves per cylinder non supercharged.

2006 F-1 engine specs. - V-8 2400cc no more than 2 inlet and 2 exhaust valves per cylinder (only recprocating poppet valves are permitted) non supercharged.
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F3 engine displacement still 1000cc? F2 @2000cc, and F1 @ 3000cc?
F3 engine displacement is 2000cc and has been for a long time. F3 cars in Europe are typically the most competitive series as the stepping stone to F1.
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What's up with Ferrari? Is it the tires, or have the other cars caught up. Props to Renault.
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I'm betting it's tires.
Heard a peice on NPR this morning about the "drought" in Seattle.
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Slatz, I heard Mt. Baker is opening again this weekend.
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I keep hoping. I'll be there on the 14th to the 16th.
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