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another corny question

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anyone who's been to lcc lately know how the corn is setting up on the east and southwest aspects? Are the few tracks being erased and consolidated from snow melt? How does Grizzly Gulch look right now? I could be convinced to head up in to the bc by cat or heliski if there's a seat available and the snow is skiin' like butter.

Corn, the other epic snow type besides powder. IMHO

So the crap shoot works out ya know?

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On my last day at Telluride, there was this weird snow falling. It looked exactly like the styrofoam stuffing from a bean bag chair. I was walking to the town Gondola and one of the mountain ambassadors insisted on carrying my skis for me...I mean *insisted*. I jokingly held my hand out, caught some of the ball bearing snow and asked "what do you call this stuff?"

With a totally straight face and without a beat of hesitation she answered "oh, that's corn snow."

I let the conversation die right there.
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I believe it's actually called...

grauple. Saw grauple (I think) in Steamboat a few weeks ago and every pellet was a perfectly shaped 6 pointed star. Interesting, for what it's worth.
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