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Killington-1st hr free??

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does Killington let you ski free for the first hour?Got to get to the K=1 base from the skyeship base to get a-two-for- one ticket.Thanks in advance
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I think it is for you to test whether you like it or not. Also, only the first hour of opening (ie. 9-10am on weekdays and 8-9? on weekends). Not worth the effort to wake up early.
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I thought Okemo was the only one with the first hour free. Has "K mart" copied Okemo again?
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I think that Kmart will offer a refund if you are not happy after the first hour of skiing.

they won't let you on the lifts if you don't have a pass. sorry but that's not the Way of the K. you'd have to buy a full ticket, then have them return it at K base. I'd say that's a real trickey strategy and I'd advise you to dirve directly to K 1 instead of going to the skyeship.
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The "give you a refund if you're unhappy within the first hour" policy has been around for at least a decade or so, at various areas. The ones I know of that had it don't anymore. I think it winds up frustrating people who don't understand the (significant) limitations, more than it makes people happy.

The only situations in which having the policy is advantageous (maybe) to the area are: (i) someone shows up, decides it looks crummy enough he won't bother buying a ticket, but buys one anyway because of the refund policy, then finds out it isn't as crummy as he thought or (ii) someone buys a ticket thinking he can get a refund, but he can't. It's highly questionable whether the second is advantageous: though you've pocketed 40 or 60 dollars, you've irritated a customer. This strategy works great for three-card monte dealers, but may not be great for a ski area, which has slightly higher capital needs and lower margins than three-card monte dealing.
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I do recall about 15 years ago when SR had a first hour free policy. You could just ski for the first hour without a ticket. On one trip we decided to stay over after our last full day skiing. We did get up early they day we were leving, did five laps on the Barker Quad in a hour and then left.

I think since then areas have wised up and made you buy a ticket and then offer a refund. Keeps you from getting as many runs as you can for free and then walking like we did.
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As I recall, from about 3-decades ago, first hour free, or refund if you didn't like the conditions was pretty much the norm all over VT.
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