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I'm thinking about buying the new 2006 Volkl Attiva 5 star. I skied them today and thought they were great. Nice and light but still super responsive. My question is, I'm 5'8" and 130 lbs femal former racer, now ski instructor. I tried out the 161cm but wondered if the 154 would be better. The dealer had alot of big guys on the 161cm Supersports. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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At your height/weight and ability I would think you would love the 161. You may find that you overpower the 154. I'm a bit taller and definitely heavier than you and have skied the Attiva 5 Star in 161 and 168...I love the 161 for playing, but need the extra length for higher speeds. I'm also an ex-racer, ex-ski instructor.

BTW - the Attiva 5 Star is one of my new favorites, but can't afford it this year!
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Thanks for the advice gotamagal. I think you're probably right about the 161. The price is steep, but hopefully I can get them on a pro-form.

Thanks again!
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