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Jeff Bergeron Testimonial

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At the risk of irritating fellow Epic Ski members with a testimonital, I thought it would be useful for readers to hear an independant report on an alignment/boot fitting service. On a recent trip to Colorado, a freind and I had stopped in to be evaluated by Jeff Bergeron at Boot Fixation. He's been host of a lengthy thread on boot fitting here at Epic Ski.

My friend had had a serious knee injury some years ago (horeseback riding) which had really twisted up her leg. She's fought with boots and canting and other fixes over the last few years. Jeff spent almost a full day with her (well, we actually knocked off early, at about 8:30 pm) then she went back a day later for some fine tuning to her boots. The results, both in her alignment and ability to ski, were absolutely dramatic. Huge difference Jeff, thanks! (Although her boots are still pinching in places)

I though I'd be about 5 minutes, but Jeff picked up flaws in my old footbeds (the lesson here is that not all footbeds are created equally). As I flexed forward my knees drove together like I was doing the Charleston. Jeff fixed that and without provocation identified another problem I'd been having on getting onto my right edge. After his fixes, I truly feel much more centered on the skiis and can get over on to the edges with much less steering distortion. These fixes were not cheap, but I guess we all need to ask "how much is my skiing worth to me?"

Jeff is an interesting personality with a love of skiing, most importantly he has a sincere interest in helping his clients to maximize the value of their equipement. He's not just there to sell you stuff and then usher you out of the shop. It was terrific experience and I can vouch, first hand, for the value of his service.
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Thanks for the testimonial, TamSki. And--way to go Jeff!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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Where exactly is Boot Fixation?
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Five minutes outside of Breckenridge on Airport Road. Telephone: 970-453-8546.
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another satisfied customer as I had jeff correct my alignment while on a recent trip to summit county, he was great to work with, also he did a minor analysis for my wife & gave us a list of boots to try for the future.
thanks jeff
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