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Not while skiing though...

I just returned from a once until I quit my job kind of trip where I got to ski for 22 consecutive days. Some days were only half days, and others were spent hiking up 3-4000 vert then skiing down, but in all, it was a pretty exhaustive. Needless to say, after only having skied a max of 8 straight days before, I was expecting to be hurting by the end of the trip. The thing was, I wasn't...

However, a week after I had returned, and still keeping up my cardio every day and only lifting weights with the lower body once, I decided on Sunday to play some ultimate frisbee with some friends. After 2 hours of playing, my legs were in complete agony. The type of agony htat makes me wish I had an automatic car to rest one of them on the drive home, and requires me to use my arms to lift my legs into the car!

I went home and sat in the hottub and took monday off from working out.

Tuesday rolls around I am roped into playing some basketball. Same thing as Sunday. After 2 hours, my legs are shot.

The hurt is everywhere, quads, chins, hips.

I don't understand how I can ski so much and feel fine, but frisbee and basketball take so much out of me.

The only thing I can figure is that I do have poor flexability in my hip flexor due to some injuries way back in high school, and since basketball and frisbee are constantly impacting your feet on relatively hard surfaces compared to snow, my muscles are taking a beating trying to absorb the shock.

Has anyone had something similar happen or heard of such a thing?