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ski types

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hey guys,
I have to do a school project on the different types of skis and was wondering if you could help me. Ive tried searching the internet but i cant find anything. From what i have gathered from calling local places, there is 4 main types: Park, mountain, racing, and recreation. Is this true? and what makes a certain ski fit in one of those categories?
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Try going to skipressworld.com or skimag.com go to the reviews section.
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You have the basic catagories down pretty well. Go to a good shop and take a look at the skis on the rack. You will be able to see the differences.


SL ... short, narrow waist and short radius
GS ... little bit longer and wider waist and the radius increases
SG .. longer yet and wider and stiffer
DH ....even longer and stiffer for the higher speeds

Construction varies for the SL and GS ... basically they come in the "civilian" versions as "cap" construction and progress to the "race stock" versions that will be of "sandwich/straight sidewall" construction, the latter being for the more serious racer. Cosmetics will be the same but they are different animals when it comes to performance.

All Mountain .... look up the comment by ...... I'm blocking here???? anyhoo go to some of the race posts and Greg has a great comment about the ski that does nothing very well.

Powder Skis/Fats ..... Wide and will float on powder or punch through crud. A good pow ski may be softer in the flex.

Twin tips .... skis that stupid parents spend their hard earned $$$ on so that junior can go out and tear them up on the rails and then piss and moan about breaking a ski or ripping out the edges. Piss and moan again $$$$$ spent. Repeat process ad infinitum!
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-Store Stock
-Race Stock

Race Carver
-Short turns
-Long turns


Fun carver ("frontside")

All-mountain / Mid-fat


Park and Pipe

Park and Backcountry

Backcountry / Fat
- Fat
- Super-Fat


Randonee / AT

Beginner / Intermediate / Rental
- Pretty
- Ugly

- Real skis 110-150
- Small skis 70-110
- Toddler stuff


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@ sjjohnston,
perfect for a thesis, but I´m sorry for the poor luik with his - most probably rather basic - school project.

@ Yuki:
may I use your definition of twin tips on some occasion?
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Checkracer: Have a ball ... but Greg's is the best of all regarding the all mountain skis!
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Originally Posted by Yuki
Twin tips .... skis that stupid parents spend their hard earned $$$ on so that junior can go out and tear them up on the rails and then piss and moan about breaking a ski or ripping out the edges. Piss and moan again $$$$$ spent. Repeat process ad infinitum!
Yuki obviously has somthing agains kids that like to ski, but cant go out and buy a brand new pair of say Sx11's. how much do those cost? lets say $900 thats probably without bindings. and what can you do on those skis? carvr down a hil fast. now what can i do on my PE's? anything i damn well want. i cna tear up mougle, i can own the park, i can carve just as well as anybody else, and they were dirt cheap as skis go. i got the PE's, rossi scratch bindings, season rental boots and poles all for around $600. and those skis will last what 4 or mabey five years?
Sure i'd love to go out and buy IDK say good pair of Rossi B2's, and have lots of fun ripping up the best the midwest has to offer, but me nore my parents had the $$$ to do that. so i said wow these public enemys hae gotten rave reviews, and they aer dirt cheap as a good pair of skis go.

OK end Rant

Ya so if some one would like to send me lets see 5*'s for carving, B2's for stuff, and some short radious ski for trees and mougles, ill ditch teh twins in a heart beat.

Ok really end rant
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ALtho all that information is good and probably very corrected, i have no idea what you guys are talking about. I ski but im not formiliar w/ like SL and GS and those initials. All im looking for is a couple of types of ski's and what there good for (like park and that their good for tricks and mayb something basic about their structure.)
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So you want us to do your homework for you? Manufacturers web sites may be useful, they generally group their skis into family groups.

The racing category is pretty self explanatory, but the rest all blur into each other. Using your 4 categories where is the line between recreational and all mountain skis? What about fat twins? What about twins which aren't really twins.
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Checkracer: The quote that I had in mind by Greg ... aka ... HeluvaSkier is:

"All-Mountain: A common descriptive term for boots or skis that are designed to perform equally poorly under a variety of conditions and over many types of terrain."

Yukon: Nothing against kids. Just rich kids who can't quite make the connection that if you huck and rail and all that good stuff you will destroy the gear and then piss and moan about the "warranty". My daughters boyfriend just spent $700 on a custom board and it had a major crack after an (admitted) hard days use on the rails. When I asked him if it was a race or cruiser ... or one intended for the rails, he didn't know. Now I don't pretend to know anything about boards, but I imagine that a race board isn't made to hold up on the rails.

As a local rep, if I sell you some skis and then see you banging the hell out of them on the rails or running the rocks under the chair should the "warranty " be honored? If it was twin tips, I'd check with the company for you since that could be construed as the intended use but for the race or rec stuff you would probably be out of luck. If I saw my 15 year old who has five pair of skis on the rails with anything but his rock skis, I'd fire up the chain saw!
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lol yuki ya just everyone always picks on the twin tippers. had to have my rant time. i like that quote about the all mountain skis thats one of my favorite ones.
your sons 15 me too. its hard because i want to do rails, but it messes up my only pair of skis, so now im pretty much just doin jumps and stuff o well...

O, and also about that free pair of skis.......:
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