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Originally Posted by sjjohnston
The 3/4 ones (I'm picturing the Giro Nine) actually do come down pretty far directly in back.

I suspect snowboarders are more likely to fall flat onto the back of their heads than skiers, but I'm not sure. I know I've fallen pretty hard directly backwards (on skis) ... it happens when you get spun around by hooking an edge or a tip or something (preferably at great speed). Incidentally, having done this with and without a helmet, I don't think the helmet actually helps that much, at least not unless the snow is really rock hard. It does save you having to collect your hat and goggles, though.
I had exactly that type of fall on Tuesday at Plattekill. I burried my tips at speed in about 15" of powder and was suddenly backwards without skis. I felt my helmet hit whatever was under the powder. I was very glad to be wearing a helmet. Though I did get a little bit of whiplash.
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originally posted by Spat
probably nothing new, but at least some numbers...

At last some common sense and analytical data in the debate, rather than subjective/hearsay evidence

One interesting quote from this study

"To give a stark example, biomechanics have demonstrated that in order to protect the head against a direct impact blow at 30 mph, with currently available materials, a helmet would need to be at least 18cm thick, 50cm wide and weigh 5kg+. "

Just for the record (and before everyone starts quoting more examples of how they would have died several times without wearing a helmet : )let me state I am taking a purely objective view and analysing the facts, not taking a position either way as I believe ski helmets are a personal decision.

I have skied for 37 years and only started wearing a helmet regularly this year when I started racing again. I will also admit that after trying a couple of different ones I have found my Briko Foreunner to be comfortable and warm and no hassle to wear, which I will admit was slightly surprising, to the extent that I have been wearing it normally for free-skiing as well!

Incidentally, if people believe that a helmet provides such huge safety advantages then why would you wear a 3/4 or cut away one rather than a fuller coverage, race type which provides a greater area of protection? Just a thought.... :
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Full helmets are WAY TOO HOT

3/4 helmets are not as hot. Removing the earflaps makes it ALMOST acceptable to wear it on spring days.
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Originally Posted by Billd
Full helmets are WAY TOO HOT
Interestingly enough, I have never had a problem with this, not even in summer. I have never seen a racer pour sweat out.

Otoh, I can imagine that skiing on groomers (free or training gates) without a jacket lying somewhere at the lift or start challenges the temperature control less than some bump or backcountry skiing in spring with backpack.
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