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Another Dynastar 8000 Length Question

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Me: Level 7-8 Ski the bumps and crud at Squaw and as much soft stuff as I can in the Rockies. I'm 45 so a little lazier and more relaxed than 20 years ago but I still like to ski hard occassionaly. I'm 5'9" 175 pounds

I demoed the 8000 in some crud and powder at Vail and loved them in the 172. After checking around I can get a great deal on the 165's from a shop who says that's really the right length for me given my height. (Funny, they dont have the 172's in stock). I cant find a pair of 165s to demo. So my question is should I stick with trying to find a pair of 172s, which I enjoyed, or go with the 165s, which maybe I'll like even better - but maybe not.

What do you experts think? Is a 165 Dynastar 8000 too short for me?
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I think it's a toss up but I'd usually say go with what you demoed and liked. That said, my son is 5'8" about 185, demoed both and liked the 165 because he felt it was much quicker and didn't lose much in terms of stability at speed. He's a tree and bump lover and he just loved this ski on that terrain.

Obviously you give up a little float going from 172 to 165, but not a ton. What kind of price are you getting? There are some good deals out there on all sizes.
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Thanks Coach. Thats very helpful. I think I'll go with the 165. I find myself on hardpack bumps more often than deep pow.

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I'd go with the 172. I think weight is more important than height. Plus, you liked what you demoed. That's the most important thing. You can find those skis elsewhere. By the way, I'm 5'10.5", 155 lbs, and ski the 8000 in a 172.
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If you like to ski crud fast and aggressively I think you fill find 165 too short. But always go with what you demo'd and liked. If you are willing to do online buying you can find most lengths of the 8000 for cheap on Ebay/online retailers. Try to find some shops around you to try the 165 before you buy, the length difference isn't that much but you don't want to end up disappointed because the shop wanted to sell their year end inventory.

I am 5'10 185lbs and personally I just bought the 8800 in a 188cm. I am 24 and ski quite aggressively (Banff/Lake Louise/Fernie mostly). I currently have a 177cm Bandit XX and found it was as short as I could stand to go, being a light ski it is super fast edge to edge in trees but when I go fast on crud or even bumpy groomed slopes I found I was getting tossed around a lot so I wanted a beefier ski, too bad I chickened out on the Pro Rider, but it was too expensive.
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Although I've never skied the 165, i do ski the 172's and I'm 5'11" 155ish.

I think that if you loved the 172's, then you ought to get those. Don't gamble on whether or not you'll like something just to save money. If you buy them and dpn't like them then think of all the money you just lost.

That doesn't mean the 165 are wrong, jsut a word of caution. if you are going to stay on the groomed and in the bumped then the 165 should be okay (but then why would you get legend 8000's? the 4800 would better). maybe talk with people about mounting them 1cm or so back for more float because of the decreased length (they tend to be mounted forward compared to other skis) If you want to venture out into crud and fresh then I'd personal get the 172s. They ski fine in the bumps and the trees.
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