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Suggestions for selecting an examiner for some private pre exam training

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Once I passed LII, I decided that my fantasy of LIII was just that ... a fantasy ... but one I should work toward anyway. Because, after all, it is always good to work toward something. Since then I have actually gotten some positive feedback that I am skiing solidly within LIII standard ... as long as I am not outside my comfort zone. So now I am beginning to think I should be stepping up my training and be thinking about a date with an exam.

For a long time, my school hasn't had an examiner associated with it and now shares one on weekends with 2 other resorts. While I clinic with our LIIIs, I would like to push my training a bit more.

I am in the process of selecting a last minute western trip ... thinking of Lake Tahoe because I can get some good Flight+hotel deals but I'm open to other places. Anyone have any suggestions on examiners I could contact for some private training? Or is there an event somewhere middle of next week?

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Best bet is to start calling around.

If you are interested in Hiring an examiner for a "private lesson" I can get you a list of instructors at a few resorts that might be available.

the PSIA W calander is here

I don't see anything scheduled for next week. The following week is a ski with the demo team event that would be great fun and a real learning experience. It's on a Sunday.

PM me if you want names.

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I think you might want to consider a lesson with an examiner from your own region. Only they know what they are looking for and how to prepare for your exam.
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Originally Posted by epic
I think you might want to consider a lesson with an examiner from your own region. Only they know what they are looking for and how to prepare for your exam.
If the sole purpose of taking a lesson were to get through the exam process I would agree but it sounds like Susan want's to push her self in general with the prospect of eventually taking the exam. A good examiner in any region would be a great benefit. All the examiners are supposed to be looking at the national standards as far as proper movement patterns. If you are skiing at or above the national requirements, then it's just a little coaching to tune you up for the regional requirements. If you fall short on the national requirements, you probably won't pass muster at the exam no matter where you take it.

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The last I heard, Dave ("The Wiz") Wisniewski is still on the PSIA-E ETS (Examiner Training Squad), also skis out of Ski Liberty, and seems like a very helpful, knowledgeable, logical guy. I would think he would be on your short list.

Given your location, suggesting Dave is pretty obvious, but perhaps he not available, or are you looking for comments from someone other than him?

If you don't mind traveling up north, I've had very good (but limited) interactions with Kristi Robertson (a PSIA-E Examiner).


Tom / PM

PS - BTW, I understand you were looking for someone that you might hook up with on your western trip, but I suspect that a longer term relationship would be beneficial.
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If you do go to Lake Tahoe, Mike Rogan (demo team) is at Heavenly. When he's in town, he's available for privates at the standard rate. His at home schedule is not already pre-booked in advance. Call the ski school to check.
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Also at Heavenly are Ted Pitcher, an examiner with a fantastic eye. Steve Evenson (demo team),Tim Rankins (PSIA Tech team), Robin Barnes (who by the way blew away all the demo team candidates in the race course in her bid for a spot on the team) , Greg Lyons. And the list goes on.
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At Homewood, Dave Achey.

At Mammoth there are many.

Squaw has several examiners.

You might also consider hooking up with NASTC http://www.skinastc.com/home.html

Chris Fellows as well as many other examiners are on their staff. They might be able to hook you up with one of their staff members.

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Thanks everyone for your input.

I ski with Wiz briefly when he is at Ski Liberty and I do learn a lot from him. However, I would like to have a chance to push myself with a great trainer on terrain that is longer than my home turf. I really improved during ProJam with Mermer but have lost a bit of that edge and am only slowly gaining it back. And there is so much to work on before I can get to the exam. (Those pesky short radius turns for one).

BTW, thanks for your suggestion of Kristi. If we decide to go north, she is certainly someone I should contact. My one Wednesday afternoon with her at a projam was a great time.

Second, while a long term relationship in my region is a really good idea for the specific exam, my intention is to continue improving my overall skiing and notch up some of the exam tasks (in addition to having fun on a western trip). Sure the task favorites might vary from region to region and RM has added some new requirements but the examiners surely know all the tasks that might be used across the country. THe last exam at Stowe used white pass turns which I don't see mentioned in any of your western exam descriptions. But overall I can benefit greatly from skiing with a great trainer whether in my region or RM ... I just want to do out there for a week for fun and a little work.

I can't find Mike Rogan's business card to contact him. He did tell me to look him up if I got out there. Unfortunately, the person I talked with at the Heavenly Ski School didn't seem to think he was around there any more. I have a feeling I was talking to someone who didn't know much.

My partner is now suggesting Copper and I am looking into that. I was hoping to contact Bob Barnes at Copper (if only to drop into his Tuesday movement analysis class) but now I hear he is at Vail. Perhaps I can contact him there.

In any case, I very much appreciate all the suggestions. I especially appreciate the PSIA calendar link which I hadn't thought to look at. You guys are really great.

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I can also agree with Physics man about Wiz---I`m a level 3 and had a marvelous update with him last year-2 days ---very knowledgable and good presentation---
He works in Baltimore---probably be able to reach him thru EPSIA --Just occurred to me that Jim Pottinger may be available--he is an examiner -EPSIA...with 7 springs as his and my home Mtn . He teaches school so his time is limited...
Larry C
(PM me and I`ll tell you how to reach him.....)
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I heard yesterday that Mike Rogan recently injured a knee and is not skiing for a bit while he recovers from a surgical procedure. He reportedly expects to be back on boards before the end of this season.

Susan, one of the best things you can do for LIII prep is find yourself a LIII mentor you can ski with at home repeatedly. Someone who enjoys doing that and is willing to take the time. It's fun to work with someone who's getting near LIII abilities. We don't see many customers like that.
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How about Bob Shostek at Elk. He has the best level 3 terrain south of Hunter, and a very good understanding of the definition of level 3 skiing and teaching in the east. (He may have written the definition)

If you are preparing for the Eastern Lv. 3, I would recommend staying local. Each division has a different focus, task list, and conditions. I am now in the Intermountain division and have been surprised at some of the recent passes and failures at my area. I was rarely surprised in the east.

Good Luck!
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Wow!. Fantastic list of names for me...some new to me and others with whom I have skied. Bob Shostek was my projam clinician two years ago and I have been hoping to do some more skiing with him this year but I just couldn't find the time to get away from my resort. Recently I heard that Eric Jordan (I think that is his name) who is also at Elk is another great trainer.

I had great intentions this year about going to lots of PSIA events and prep clinics but some things got in the way.

My Bob and I have decided to do Copper since we can sublet a room from a friend in Frisco. I will stay on for 2 more weeks and hope I can teach either at Copper for the two weeks or at Winter Park where I taught as a temp 2 years ago. (A friend at Winter Park says they would probably need me so it isn't quite the risk it looks like). I would have liked to have skied an area where I have had less ski time but it works out financially for Copper.

Thanks again for all the great input.

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I have Michael's email address if you want to contact him directly. Since it is bad form to post an email address where the spammers can get it, and you don't have PM or email enabled, you'll need to send me your email address for me to get it to you. Sounds like there is a small chance you could hook up with him.
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I work at Eldora and at Winter Park. I know WP/MJ is looking very hard for people to handle the volume thru the remainder of the year.

We would love to have you at Eldora as well, however that is too far from Frisco. P.M. me if you need a contact at WP in the event the supervisors have changed since you were there last.

I bet Copper will hire you for spring break. Don Coleman is an RM examiner and I believe runs the training at Copper. I just did a clinic with him two weeks ago at Copper and it was one of the very best clinics that I have ever attended. Jen Metz is in charge of training at WP and she as well as her husband are both RM examiners.

You won't have any trouble finding work!
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Rusty's right on. I've heard that Loveland is looking, as well. The training at Copper would be very difficult to beat (IMHO), and is organized around the various PSIA levels. There are multiple examiners on staff (I don't know all of them, but Don and Steve Trout are two that I know). There are others far more suited to answer that question that frequent EpicSki, including MikeWil, Mike_M, and Tsavo.

If you go to Tahoe, you might want to look up our very own Bud Heishman. While not an examiner, per se (any more), Bud has a wealth of experience that I'm sure he'd be more than happy to share. He's here on the site and you can PM him.

At Vail, Bob Barnes and Ric Reiter are EpicSki Bears and examiners.
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Susan, from Frisco, you have easy access to many other areas, many of which would be interested in having you (including Breck and even Vail). For the training purposes, Copper may be your best bet. MikeWil and Tsavo would be great avenues for connecting at Copper.
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IRT Michael Rogan, from what I heard, while he was at Whitetail doing training last month, he got hit by a skier and they ended up finding that it did some miniscus damage to his knee, which he is having repaired. That's why he's "out of the office" right now.

Lovely, eh? Now he'll never come back to us.
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I have just talked with Copper and they plan on hiring me so I will be skiing/teaching there from Mar 10 - 29. I look forward to working with whoever has time out there to ski with me. They have told me that the clinics are winding down but I'm still hoping or I'll have to go with a private lesson.

Rusty .... did we meet at WP two years ago? I worked there at Christmas and then again the month of March. I did get to ski once or twice with Jen Metz (and once with her husband). All the instructors there were great to ski with and I learned from skiing with them.

I chose Copper because the shuttle to there is close to where I will be staying in Frisco since I have none of my own transportation except the first week. But I'd like to go to vail and see if Bob Barnes has a free slot for a private lesson. And, if not, then I have a great list of names.

And looking forward to meeting MikeWil , Mike_M, and Tsavo.

BTW, I have just re-enabled (I hope) my email address option so people can email me privately.

thanks everyone.

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If you really want to step up your skiing, contact Jim Cardenali at www.cardenaliskicamps.com
He's out of Vermont.
Good luck!
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Welcome aboard at Copper, lots of us will be willing to ski with you when we're not working.

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Susan, great news! Let's hook up while you're out here!
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What is the protocal for hiring an examiner? What might you expect to get or pay?

By the way, Wiz is an great teacher and Susan's skiing is rockin I know from personal experience
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Good luck in your endevor. Train in the region that you plan to take the exam in. Go to a bigger mountain with better skiers than you and kick the mountain's butt. Any of the eastern examiners that you have mentioned are fine choices and Jim Cardenali is also. The more quality milage you can get, the better. If you get up my way, let me know. I know Hunter mt very well and also the best skiers around.
Ron White
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Hey Jess,

Contact the PSIA-E office in Albany. They refer to it as a consulting day and costs about $250.00 per day plus expenses and tip. You can use a consulting day for credit, but that will cost you more.

You can pick the examiner, but you may want to decide where and when you want to ski and the office can tell you who is available.
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Great meeting you the other day Susan.

You'll find a number of great trainers at Copper-both examiners (Coleman and Trout) as well as a great ITCE (Pete Amos) plus a myriad of Trainer Accred's and plain ole Level 3's who have been involved in training for a number of years. All are very qualified. Be sure you have hooked up with Coleman.

It is very important you have some idea of what you want to achieve in your training. Are you looking for just technical ski improvment, focus on exam manueuvers, teaching training or whatever? Communicate that to whomever you clinic or just ski with. Most trainers go into our year with a pretty strong season long focus after we ski with our group the first few times. We build step by step-and we expect the participants to put time in between clinics working on those steps.

One suggestion I will make is to pull down the exam maneuvers and understand all the component parts of each. I see a lot of candidates practicing but I'm not sure they always understand the components of a particular maneuver. So how can they practice appropriately?

Good Luck!
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