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Atomic GS11 WC without beta profile

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Hey all
Check out the skis that Bode are on , they are the atomic gs11 WC but without the beta profile. You can slightly see a tiny tiny ridge that sort of resembles the beta profile but it is pretty much flat. Does anyone know what the difference between these skis are compared to the other WC Skis which have the Beta Profile. Any info on them???

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I can recall even seeing slalom atomic's without beta at the semmering race this year, and guess what they were sandwichs like the DH and SG Atomics.
Seems they just forgot the decoration on top.

(I know that SL and GS skis of Atomic are available as Beta as well)
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Remember, we mortals don't get the same stuff Bodi get's.
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Originally Posted by Max Capacity
Remember, we mortals don't get the same stuff Bodi get's.
"The new Worldcup GS machine" says my Atomic catalog 04/05 about the retail GS:11m
and "guarantee of another successful season of the Atomic Worldcup team".
The new 05/06 ski is "the thoroughbred of Worldcup GS competition"

It´s marketing, I know & we know, but how about the rhetorics being slightly less bombastic and somewhat more realistic?
Or is it just a naive remark/question?
Otoh, I´m sure it helps and boosts the sales...

@ Extremecarver,
should we present the Herminator ski issue from carving-ski here?
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Do you believe everything you read? What is there definition of "sucessful" ?

Just joking.
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Originally Posted by Max Capacity
Do you believe everything you read?
I earn part of my modest living by writing
Which means NO WAY!
Should know what I´m talking about!
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What is used on the World Cup compared to what's available to public is analagous to comparing a Ferrari F430 to Michael Schumacher's F1 Ferrari.

I can assure you that the GS skis Herman Maier uses (and used to win the World Champs GS) is a rounded beta profile 193cm ski very similar to the Race 10.26 of 6 or 7 years ago.
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These guys get whatever they want, they're the best and whatever works for them can be hand made specifically for them, period!

I remember a racer back in the '80's that refused to change boots so they spray painted the color of the new model but he wore the same one's for years.
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The WC Atomics still have beta technology, it's just square beta instead of round beta. The skis that guys like Bode and Raich are on also have a different topsheet without the dimples that is made to look better on TV.
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As for TV: they typically (not quite universally) hand them a pair of retail skis in the finish area to hold. That's why you see guys on a downhill podium with skis shorter than they are. I actually think they do have the Aerospeed tops. The ones they ski on also seem to ... though maybe that's not universal.
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I'm very curious about the atomic sl skis with sandwich construction. Where did you seen them? who had them?
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@ esky

Some swiss girl I was chatting with on the lift while they were running down their warm up track. (Semmering, dec 27? 2004) By that time I did not know much about Race Stock differences. I just wondered that her Atomic was Sandwich and asked her about the edge angles. Answer: " If you want to know more ask my service man, I don't know which edge angels are on them" Most girls there did not know much about what they had on their feet. And what was interesting was that most of the female slalom racers were quite small and very light. On TV they do often look quite fat, in reality most of the girls were really hot.
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Did you want to tell us about the hot sandwich skis or about hot girls?
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Sorry, but I just do not remember anything more about the skis. All were 155cm, ....
I was stomped that day skiing my first real slalom ski ever. Catching some gates, and did not really watch out that much for skis. Just being stomped to have an empty skifield during christmass because everyone thouhgt it to be crowded if the worldcup circus is around. 15.000 visitors were there, but all without skis or boards.

Snow conditions that day were icy. And I can still remember that those racers skied silently when not on the course. No noise at all while carving. No skidding, no sound. On course the skiing sound became loud. This amazed me most.

Interesting was as well the moaning on the lift about the personal form, fear,....
Coaches send the girls into bumps to warm up, gett their muscles loose,...
The training course was cutted that deeply that most racers stopped after halve the gates, mood was not good on most of them.
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Those World Cup girls are either totally hot or real guerillas, no in-between. When I was a boy at Mt. Hood Abbi Fisher and Deb Flanders came out to the pool. Forty guys, all shapes and sizes, suddenly paid erect and turgid attention. ;-)
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So some Atomics race skis doesn't have the beta, so what is the problem?
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