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Whens the best time to sell your ski gear?

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I guess with my third or fourth post, I'll just be blunt and ask....when is the best time to sell your ski gear

Obviously not now being the end of the season for some of us, but I know most shops in Minnesota start stocking winter gear in August even though the ski season realistically doesnt start til late October usually.
Whens the best time to put stuff up for sale?
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When you know you're ready to sell it, I think. Used gear never really has a huge market, but if it's good gear you should just put it up here and/or on eBay. Or sell it at a swap at the beginning of next season. Pre-season and early-season is when most people buy.
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How about this:


I have had fairly good luck doing this. Take the equipment to the resort everytime you go. Lock it up with a nice bright sign, 'Buy Today, Demo if you like!' Call me on my cell, or whatever...

It has worked for me 2 out of 3 times and my latest try just attracted a buyer yesterday...
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You should never sell ski gear that's what garages are for
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If you follow ebay prices anytime is NOT the time to sell ski gear. Off-season prices are much lower than in-season prices. If you are thinking of selling skis before the new model comes out you may get less money now than you would next December, even if a new model has already come out. This happened to me last year...
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I found I get the best price at the annual ski swap in the late fall.
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I have found the best prices for selling gear is mid November untill mid December. On Ebay, at this time of year you may get less then 1/2 of what you could get in the fall for the same gear. This time of year sell your old golf clubs, mountain bikes, camping gear. and motorcycles.
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Have sold a number of pair of skis on Ebay in recent years. Best success and prices were from late Sep to Nov. If I don't sell on Ebay I just take it to the ski swap in Chicago and have been able to get a decent price.

Unless you have a really good offering I don't think off season is the best time. Fewer skiers are looking for gear then....they are buying golf clubs of whatever.

I will have a pair of Volkl 5*s (piston/motion, 182cm, 2003-4 model) for sale in a couple of weeks if anyone is interested. They are in excellent shape as I rotate skiing with 2 other pair of skis.
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Hiw much for those 5*'s im looking for a good chep pair of skis like that. they'll probly be too expensive though.

In response to the question. i wouldnt sell my gear (if i had more then one pair of skis....) because there will always be taht time where you say "lets do somthing different" my friend still has his brothers old 140cm xscreams, and this weekend we are gonna go out and do a few runs on those just for fun.
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I have a bunch of guys that are willing to "upgrade" whenever I am ready to 'upgrade"
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The best time to sell is whenever you can find a buyer. Used ski gear isn't easy to sell, and the drop in value is often severe - even after only a few days use.

That said, swaps are likely the best bet, but you'll pay 20% for the honor. Ebay is also okay, but you're competing with the pros who have new equipment and can buy both new and used at wholesale.

I have a pair of last year's Atomic R:11 Puls skis - used about 13 times - for sale. They're great skis in excellent condition. But, I'll be lucky to get 1/3 of what I paid, or 1/5 of retail.
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I actually have done really good on ebay....buying and selling...buy low sell high.....I have done esp good with junior gear and my leftover top of the line bindings(as long as still indemnified) my adult skis I would not even try...can't give away the straight stuff. Shipping on adult skis hassle too....I have a mint pair of 1998 volkl carver plus 191 I might try soon on ebay, without the bindings...perfect ski for a 225 lb plus looking for a spring rock ski....

as for timing, I would say after thanksgiving thru mid dec best...esp for the junior stuff.....
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save it until pre-Christmas.

Xmas time a lot of people are looking for gear both for themselves and for gifts. I sell all my old equipment on ebay during early December, late January.
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