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Calculation for Turning Radius

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I am in the market for a new pair of GS skis. I am trying to figure out how the turning radius stamped on the new skis will compare to my old skis. The old ones have the tip/mid/tail widths marked on them, but not a turning radius. Does anyone know how the turning radius is calculated?

The old skis are a pair of 188cm Volkl P40 Plats marked as 102/65/88. I have measured the contact length (shovel to near tail) as 164 cm. I love the way they free ski, but they can not make the tighter turns on the short GS courses that I ski. We just don't get up enough speed on the short mid-west GS courses to make them turn. I have been using my Atomic 9.16 SLs for GS, but that solution does not work very well either. I am aware of the FIS requirement for a min. 180cm length and 21M turning radius for GS, but USSA Masters racers are not required to meet that standard. Any help??
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I don't want to seem harsh, but the search function on EpicSki works very well and this topic has been discussed to death in the past.

Doing a search on "sidecut radius calc" turned up 7 hits, one of whihc was a thread asking precisely the same question as you asked - "What is the sidecut radius of a P40?":


A really useful link is Physicsman's sidecut radius calculatore, here:


with discussions about it in numerous threads including:


I realize you are brand new to Epic, so you can't be expected to know what discussions transpired before you arrived, and I don't want to stifle your curiosity, but the next time a question occurrs to you, I would suggest that you do some searches for yourself on the topic and you will turn up lots of really interesting and useful contributions from the experts & I'm definitely not one of them. Not just on Epic, but on any internet discussion forum, people genuinely want to be helpful, but it's just not polite to either ask others to do your searches(work) for you or to effectively ask the experts to re-answer the same question over and over again.

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Thank you and Apologies

Thank you for the leads, and I apologize for the lack of research on my own. I had done several different searches on Google, but came up with nothing exactly on point. Your right, I should have searched the forum before posting my questions. Sorry Again.
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