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Originally Posted by nomadfromcincy
I am thinking about buying the 724 Pros or EXPs... thinking about something a little shorter, but not sure if the 177s or 170s are the right ski for me.
I was similarly confounded by this same exact choice. For me, the greater surface area of the Pro was a plus for my twice-annual weeks in Jackson, WY... the float was outstanding in 13" of fresh. Much more than that and I would have demoed a FAT ski for the day. I also went with 177s for the same reason.

For a time I considered the EXP for it's more forgiving flex and I thought it would make the bumps and glades easier to negotiate.

In the end (I had demoed both skis for two full days each), I felt TOO comfortable on the EXPs. I love the fact that I can handle anything on the Pros, but that they also challenge me to improve aspects of my technique.

The Pros are ROCK SOLID and very stable, whether its high-speed GS or tight glades, I always felt in control. If you ski aggressively and want to keep pushing your personal envelope, buy the Pros.

The EXP however, is no wussy ski. It is classic Volkl, just not quite as demanding or as responsive as the Pro. For me (and it is a very personal choice), the more energy I give the Pro, the more reward I get back.


"Get Piste!"
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I have just picked up a pair of Volkl 724 Pros, 184 cm this season. I weigh 200 lbs. and am a strong skier I ski about 40n days a year primarily in the northwest. When I looking at buying the ski I was advised to go shorter but after demoing the skis in 184 cm I thought they were perfect. I find that the 724 Pros work great in powder, crud and on trail. the skis are lightning fast on groomed, blast through crud and float in powder. I am amazed with this ski. I find that the length does not affect maneuverability in the trees if you are willing to work the ski. I recently skied this ski in 26 inches of powder at Alta and had no problem with float in spite of the skis' stiffness.

I have been skiing on Volkl G3s 191 cm. for the past two seasons and thought they were some of the best skis I ever skied on but I think the 724 Pros are better in every respect. In my opinion the 724 Pro skis much like the earlier volkl g31 which I skied in a 198 for a season. A good friend of mine who weighs the same as me with equivalent skills skis on the 724 pros in a 177 cm and he has no problems with float. He demoed the 724 EXPs before buying the pros and felt the EXPs were a little too wimpy in crud which we ski alot of here and he also felt the EXPs were a little more turny because of the greater sidecut.

IMHO the length of the ski you choose should be based on type of turn you like to make. keep in mind that the shorter the ski, the tighter the natural turn radius of the ski. I would always demo before buying. But I find that it is hard to go wrong with a volkl.
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