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Antique Ski Race

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Hey, I just heard that Ascutney Mt. in VT is having an Antique Ski Race. Has anyone ever heard of or been in one. Sounds interesting. Here are the small details:

Ascutney Mtn, VT
Sunday, March 20th
2 Divisions: Wood and Metal/Fiberglass
Skis must be 20 yrs old or older
To benefit the VT Ski Museum in Stowe, VT

Anyone planning on going?
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That is a sweet idea! I would be interested to hear what skis people would use? Could you use the Rossi 4s? I don't remember if they came out post 1985 or not, it was sometime around then...
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Still got my old K2 810 Comps at 211cm with the Salomon 727E bindings.
Anybody know a shop that will set the dins to 11 for me in time for the race??
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all you have to do is turn a screw- just do it yourself if you know what din you need.
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Thanks Nealric,
Those babies earned me a lot of hardware back before '84.
They have been screwed out since put away in '89.
I was more making a facetious comment about shops not touching anything older than a few years old so you have to buy new.
For the record though the view settings are only an approximate and as the springs get older and weaker they may not read as correctly as a "torquewrench" would.
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My long-lost Fischer c4 Racing Comps (215cm) and I would have loved to attend.
Mine were the model that took over for these baddies, but I couldn't find a pic...and who can resist vintage ski ads?
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The New England Ski Museum is having it's annual Hannes Schneider Meister Cup Race weekend March 11-12 at Cranmore Mountain in New Hampshire. There are going to be teams of racers from several different ski areas and other organizations including a team from Austria, Hannes' native land. If you would like to race in this even and have a team you can, but you can also register individually and they will place you on a team. Non-racers are also welcome.

In addition to the races there are other events and activities. These include an ice sculpture contest, a vintage ski wear contest and exhibit, a bavarian band entertaining, a welcome party on Friday Night, a silent auction, a Bratwurst party and more. Some events are closed and you must have a paid entry for while others are open to the public free of charge. For more information visit their site. http://www.skimuseum.org/hsmcr.html

I have volunteered at this event for the past few years. Here are some pictures from last year: http://teachski.com/articles/schneider/8thannual.htm (unfortunately there are some broken picture links on this page, but I will fix them as soon as possible - I just changed servers to increase disk space)

If you do not know about Hannes Schneider and his contributions to skiing, particularly in the North Conway area, here is an article about him: http://teachski.com/articles/schneider/schneider.htm

I will be volunteering again this year and hope to see some of you there. PM me if you plan to attend and maybe we can plan to meet.
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Has anyone ever been to the Antique race at Ascutney?
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