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What do people use to prevent edge rusting

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I'm curious because I have heard everything from 3-in-1 oil to silicone to margarine to naval jelly being recommended.

OTOH, I also hear worries about some of these penetrating the ski and weakening the adhesives, dissolving/removing the base wax, etc.

I'm looking for something that can be quickly applied after every ski use (ie, after the ski is dry).

Tom / PM

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I use one of those tins of rub on wax that all the ski shops are selling in the "impulse" displays by the register. Looks like a can of shoe polish and has a sponge like applicator. As you say, after drying the ski, I just run the applicator over the edges. Got tired of all the road grime, so skis go inside or in a roof top case now, but this used to keep them pretty good on long salty road covered trips when exposed in the past.

Before that I used to rub the edges down with regular ski wax or an old candle before putting them away for the season .... this is a mess.

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Toko make a 'pencil' thing you can run down them
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Ski every day. Wipe the water off at the end of the season.
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If you hot wax every time out, then you can use extra wax and leave it on your edges and scrape once youre at the hill. This is the best way to protect you edges that i know of. I dont reccommend carrying your skis on your roof unless you have one fo thsoe closed cases, there is no way to save your equipement from that kind of abuse, especially if you are in the north east where there is always salt on the roads... out west there seems to be a use of more sand than around here. Also, make sure that you dry your edges and skis thoroughly after every use. and then let them sit out (seperated) as soon as you get them home. If you use a bag, make sure that the skis arent cold when you put them in the bag if it is going into a cold place - obviously, and also make sure the skis are dry. Dont leave the skis in the bag either. As long as you are taking these precautions you shouldnt have rust on your edges. Once the skis are fairly dry the best cure i know of is the wax on the edges. When i transport my skis for races i usually keep a thick coat of wax on them just in case the load get pushed around. Try that, it cost quite a bit in wax... but if it saves your edges i think its worth it. The Swix Alpine training kit from reliable is pretty inexpensive if youre looking for all-purpose wax. Its about $50 with shipping, and you get 900g of all different waxes... all CH though. If you like LF and HF, then leaving a lot of wax on your edges requires a lot of $$ or friends in high places, who will give it to you (teams, race rooms, etc).
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Either put on extra wax, or use a little WD-40 or Vaseline, but I prefer over waxing.

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CheapSeats - You're my type of guy!!! Now, if only I could ski every day...sigh...

To those who urged protecting the skis - don't worry - I haven't transported them in an open ski rack in decades. Until two years ago, they used to ride in the car, and for the last couple of seasons, I've been using a roof top ski box. What a pleasure!

The situation I'm dealing with is that I have several pairs and sometimes may not use a given pair for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, even while they are sitting in my garage (warmest part, off the floor), they still sometimes start to develop some light surface rust unless I protect them in some way.

I've been using wd-40 / Vaseline / silicone on a rag and wiping down the edges. That works, but leaves everything oily, so I was looking for something a bit neater. Over waxing is how I store them for the summer, but I often don't want to (or need to) spend that much time each time I use them. Running a candle down the edges never seems to deposit much wax on the metal, altho I've done that ritual as well.

I think I'll look around for the things cgeib and disski suggested.

Thanks for your suggestions everyone, & happy new year.

Tom / PM
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how long is it between ski sessions? days or weeks? I don't do anything to my edges between weekends and don't have a problem. I just let them dry off and store them in the basement for 5 days. I stone them every friday night and wax for the weekend.

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I just wipe them down with a paper towel and separate them to dry (bases up). I just use a regular exposed roof rack, but my commute is only 15 minutes - they don't get that dirty. The only time I do something special to protect them is at the end of the season. Otherwise they get use every day (probably a 3 day break at most during ski season) and I don't run into problems with them rusting. Back when I would go a few weeks between ski trips I used the Toko pencil thing Disski mentioned on my edges.
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Tom - Just get a big chunk of cheap wax, and run it down each edge after drying them. Put a bit of pressure on it.

It will leave enough to protect the edges, and is easy and quick to do.
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