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TR - Utah Day One - The Bird

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Day 1 - Got the crew of 11 up and rolling around 7:00am for the trek from PC to Snowbird. Bright sunny day woth no new snow on the horizon. Oh well, blue bird days work for me also. Wait, one of us is missing, check my phone and there is a text message that he has been kidnapped and will not be joining us for the day. Another decides to bag the Bird for a day at PC. Off we go in two gas guzzling SUV's. Get to there at about 9:00 and get on the second tram up. Would have been the first but you try and get 9 guys together including three that had to rent some equipment. Here are a couple of shots from the bottom of the tram:

And from the top:

After poking around off of the Tram and in Mineral Basin in the morning we spent most of the day skiing Regulator Johnson, Gad Chutes and the Last Chance bowl off of the Little Cloud Chair. No lift lines to speak off. Lunch was had at the mid mountain lodge, $20 or so, nothing to really remember.

Here is a shot of a buddy in Last Chance:

There were wind loaded stashes to be found!

And a random scenic shot to end the day:

Day Two to follow!
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I am soooo stoked...flying to PC on Saturday for a week of, hopefully, "wind loaded stashes"!!!

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