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If you could pick 2 brushes and 2 edge tools, what would they be?

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So I need to upgrade my brush collection from the White Nylon All-purpose brush to maybe another two brushes. What would you guys suggest? I was thinking a bronze brush and maybe one more. Any suggestions? Also, besideds a sharpener, and a diamond stone, which edge tools are essential? And what about gummi stones? I do some racing for my school and ski only the eastern ice/hardpack. What should i get? OR should I just stick with teh all purpose brush??
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I use a Holmenkol oval bronze (about $30) for everyday use. It's probably the brush I use most often, as it removes colder waxes a little easier. Usually I'll skip the nylon brush and go straight to horsehair if I'm applying overlays, but 9 times out of 10 I'll skip the overlays as well unless it's a big race. Technique is more of a factor for me than wax selection.

For edge tuning, I prefer using ceramics from SVST over diamond stones, mainly because they seem to last longer. For initial edge prep after filing, I work through a progression of four stones to get a harder/sharper edge and then fine tune after every ski day to maintain them. I use a 3 degree SVST file guide with stainless plates (doesn't pick up filings as much) and a basic hardware store file clamp. A gummi stone is pretty much necessary to clean up the edges and detune if required (I don't do that much). A $.50 grocery store nylon pot scrubber removes any wax from the edges.

Have fun
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Yes, a bronze brush will get alot of use and add a horsehair, too. And even though you have a diamond stone, check out the Maplus (MoonFlex) and Swix diamond files (new ones). They both have "random" patterns that cut better and last longer than the "old" style DMT "stones" Always use them wet (water or with SVST Secret Sauce/Artech sharpening solution).
I also use tungsten carbide files for side edge work, they blast through dings that would accelerate wear on regular files.
But you should use them lightly, they can remove edge quickly.
Since you are out East, the folks at www.artechski.com would be a good resource and they have about the best prices on oval brushes.
The previously mentioned SVST side edge guides are nice, and getting their 1/2 degree shim("adapter plates") gives you some more fine tuniness?!
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SVST's Final Cut base edge beveler's, http://www.race-werks.com/product.ph...3&sub_cat_id=9 are great to set base edge bevel. They come in .5 .7 1.0 & 1.5. They are made of precision machined hard anodized aluminum with Delrin glides. They do a great job of keeping you from overbeveling the base edge. Race Werks at www.Race-werks.com sells them. They are spendy at around $75.00 each. I also like their ceramics stones, http://www.race-werks.com/product.ph...&sub_cat_id=10 and the MaPlus Moonflex diamond files, http://www.race-werks.com/product.ph...d=144&cat_id=3

Over & out!


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I'll reinforce the brass and horsehair brush recommendation. My edging tool recommendations will also come close to the others as well. There are a number of side edge tools that are similar they look like machined angle iron and a clamp. I suggest the least expensive ones available in the engles you use. For base edges I suggest any of the tools that are meade of metal, have a fixed bevel and base their geometry on the edge you are working. The SVST tool previously mentioned is the one I use. They are not cheap. I'll add that ceramic stones are a step up from diamond stones. They work faster (fewer passes) and the case can be made that they leave a sharper edge with fewer burrs. Again, good ceramic stones are not cheap.

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As a racer, don't you have the opportunity to attend any tunning clinics. In years past, usually a Swix rep will put on a couple of clinics at a ski shop that seems to supply a lot of the high school racers.

If by school you mean university, talk with your coach as to what works best in tools and technique for the race course.

Personally, I use chrome files and diamond stones to take out any nicks before using the file and then to finish. If I am a little more exacting I will polish with a gummy stone.

I no longer race, I'm well...just look below
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