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Steve - I just saw this thread ... !!! CONGRATS !!!!

I knew it was going to happen. Anybody interested enough in ski instruction to be interested in helping to put together a "teaching tips" spreadsheet was destined to pass.

All the best,

Tom / PM
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So does this teach tips sheet exist anywhere?

I hoping to take LII in the next year. The more sources to learn from, the better.
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Last year, I had casually started to compile a "tip sheet". Steve then expressed a strong interest so I passed it along to him, he added material and sent it back to me, but as far as I know, neither of us have done anything with it this season.

In fact, I had a hard disk crash on my home computer several months ago and need some motivation to dig up this file from my backup disk. Send me a msg at physicsman000@yahoo.com and I'll try to find the file and send it to you.

Disclaimer / small print: ... the opinions expressed therein do not reflect the opinion of any examiner ... etc. etc.

Tom / PM

PS (in edit) - I presume you have a copy of the little, blue Vail compendium of teaching tips (I forget it's exact name & I'm not at home). Also, TheRusty has a big compendium of teaching tips and links to other places with tips on his website:

http://www.therusty.com/instructor_t...m%20_Rusty.htm ,

http://www.therusty.com/Snow_Pro_Stuff.htm ,


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sorry I missed this thread when you started it. BIG congrats, Steve. well done.
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Sorry I missed it too, Steve. Congratulations!

There's nothing wrong with your memory, WTFH, at least regarding this. Steve watched the interview and skiing footage that we shot at the Brighton ESA two years ago. Thanks for the help!

Tomorrow is the last day of the four-day Level 3 (Full Certification) exam at Steamboat. Ric (VailSnoPro) and I are here, sharing a room at the world famous Rabbit Ears Inn (not bad, unless you don't like the sound of freight train whistles right outside your window in the middle of the night....). EpicSki Academy featured strongly at Level 3 as well, with several of the participants from this year's Big Sky event as video "test subjects" in the exam. Thanks, guys!

Way to go, Steve. I had few doubts!

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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RM NASTAR requirement is Bronze for Level I, Silver for Level II/III. Was originally Gold for Level III, but was changed when NASTAR changed the handicap for Gold.

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Ya'll are so kind! Thanks so much for the well-wishes. The change in NASTAR has me even more pleased with the golds, given that I hadn't been in a course in about 18 years!

Let's go skiing (I'll be up at Copper tomorrow)!
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