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Has anyone been on any of these? If so, reports please.


What about the distribution channel? anyone know of a retailer or rep?
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They just started up the company again this year and are getting them into dealers and distributors for next season. The only way to get them right now is to buy from them directly. You get a choice in graphics or can custom a design.

I hope those guys do well. I am seriously thinking about buying a sample or test ski. Their foam core/carbon fiber skis are being manufactured by Goode and should be pretty interesting to ski on.
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Hart Javalin

Looks like they are bringing back the Javalin of Suzy Chaffee fame (1968 Olympics downhill and three-time world freestyle champion in the 70s - 80s). You might recall Suzy Chapstick? I bet Phil remembers something about these. They even have a white and black "Javalin Limited"

Originally Posted by HART
built to the original Javelin specs, for the skier seeking the long-board experience. From the wood core inside to the traditional topper graphics this is perfect for the reminiscent Hart ski customer
Anyone for some old school skis?
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Now yer talkin my language. At thirteen I was skiing on a pair of 210cm Javelin XXL's - the red and black ones. With Marker Rotomats, they weighed more than I did. Cost $200 - the most expensive ski at the time, save the Fischer Presidents which tipped the scale at $250. Fast forward 35 years. I am about to be on 160cm's that retail for about a grand. I wonder what I will be skiing 35 years from now?
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Hart Ultimate's were my favorite.

I have a never mounted pair of 200cm Hart SL skis in the garage, they'll go to the highest bidder.
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