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Summer Camp?

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I was just wondering if anyone had had any experiences with summer skiing camps (or racing camps), specifically, Mount Hood. I was considering enrolling in one of the camps this summer, but from what I can tell, they seem to be primarily focused on junior racers. Any insight on these camps, and whether there are in fact special summer camps for adults, would be most welcome. Thanks!
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I've done Michel Pratte camps at Whistler in July, Alyeska Ski Club camps in June at Alyeska and November at Mammoth.

The Michele Pratte camp group was completely adult, and although he had a kid group running at the same time we each had our own coach and lane for training. A lot of camps are run that way. Most of them are advertised as Adult Camps or Masters Camps. Look at the Ski Racing website for a couple of advertisements.

Having done both Summer and Fall camps, the Fall camps did more for me because the season was just around the corner and the muscle (and mental) memory was still fresh. Either way, I still kept a daily journal of drills and impressions, noting conditions and anything else that may have played a factor into the success or failure of the day's training. Summer or Fall, your skiing will be positively impacted.

This season has not been kind to the PNW, so I'm curious how the Mt Hood and Blackcomb glaciers are going to be this Summer.
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I used to go to the PSIA-NW Race camps at Mt. Hood. 5 days, usually 3 slalom & 2 GS. It was reasonable when compared to the private camps, in terms of cost. I would recommend it - although I haven't gone in a couple of years, since they stopped offering the 5 day, now its 2 - 3 day camps. It was always the 3 week of July & you usually can just barely ski out, but this year might be tough. This year may not be worth it, the lanes are going to be squished, you might be right next to the rocks.

As to the quality of the instruction - its excellent - espescially if you get super Dave - who's on the D Team now. Just watching him blow down the gates probably shaved a few tenths off my time.
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Tichy, Olle Larson, Hurricane and Mike Annett all have masters sessions.
One of our local adult racers went to Hurricane last summer and has done quite well this winter.
I'll be coaching for Gilboa (juniors only) July 5th through 20th. Look me up if you're out there then.
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If you're interested in summer camps in general, rather than only Mt. Hood and/or racing, check out http://www.skinastc.com
They go to Chile every August. I've been on several trips with them and highly recommend.
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