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Lunch time...do you lock your skis?

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Just curious what most of you do. I ski in the NE and normally when we go in for lunch I will just leave my skis unlocked in the ski rack or lean them against the wall of the lodge. Poles are hung over the top of them. One minor precaution...I try to sit near a window where I can see them.

What do most of you do: lock 'em yourself, pay for a day locker or just lean 'em?


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Ski check if the line is not too long. If I don't check them, I'll split them up. The pair I've been using this season don't match so they probably won't get stolen. A little cable lock makes a lot of sense. I've used coin operated locking ski racks. Once, I rented a locker for a week at Jackson Hole, that was really convenient, whole quiver stayed at the mountain.
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Lock at least one to my wifes one. The cable usually isn't long enough to go all four. Funny thing happened while we were at Steamboat recently, and I didn't lock the skiis at break. I came out by myself and found my skiis on the rack but only my wifes poles and no skiis. I immediately thought, "well how is she going to get down the mnt from here? and I guess she gets new skiis for the rest of the trip. Fortunately she had already pick up her skis but someone elses poles. From now on it's lock'em, I can't take the stress!!!!!
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Lock 'em. Always!

Some areas are rife with ski theft (although snowboard theft seems to be the bigger problem these days).

It's true that skinny ski locks won't stop anyone who's determined. They just keep honest people honest.
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I always lock mine and my daughters skis together with one of those cheap cable locks. Some of the places we go have the ski checks. We usually use them if they're open.
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Lock them. I'll leave them in ski check overnight if I know I am coming back the next day. The pleasure of not having to carry my skis from the parking lot is worth the 4 or 5 bucks.

Keeping honest people honest. I love that!
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2 people had their poles stolen at different times from the top of the K1 at killington. i usually lock them and wrap the wires around the poles a few times,too
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I'd probably really hurt myself badly if I locked my skis at lunch time. I usually snack on the lift ride.

Imagine trying to ski after lunch with your gear chained to the chair......tough getting off the lift.
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Lunch time...do you lock your skis?

Only if I want to bring them home with me later.
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Never lock 'em.

I split 'em up or put them where I can see them from the lodge window.

Note that I only go in for water and maybe the bathroom; I rarely go in for lunch. I eat some form of 'power bar' while I'm on the lift.
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Never lock em,
They're 3 year old Atomic betacarv 9.18's.
Who'd want em anyway?

Plus, the "Steal Your Face" skull____ sticker on one of them should keep thieves at bay....
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Ski Ckeck. $2 a day seems worth it to protect new skis/bindings/poles that can easily run $750-$1000 +. I can understand not taking the same security precautions with older gear.
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Never......but I go to the mountain to ski, I can eat at home.....and I got lotsa skis and ebay and a buddy in a ski shop.....no time to pull off a lock...
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How do you guys skip lunch? what's the secret? What do you have for breakfast? steak and eggs? :

I tried it a few times and everytime I was as beat as a dead horse @ around 2pm and had to stopped and eat something. I brought some beef jerky, some granola bars, water, etc ... but still that didn't help.

Any tips?
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I always lock them, why take the chance? But as another poster was saying, it all depends on your equipment. I've come back from a bathroom break to a couple gremlins eyeing my skis (Public Enemy's). It's my first pair of skis and can't stand the thought of losing them.
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[quote=dupersc]How do you guys skip lunch? what's the secret? What do you have for breakfast? steak and eggs? :

first chair up either 8 or 9 am.....(more like 7:45/ 8:45) ski my tail off on the best snow till the first lines form.....go in to the latrine quick....maybe grab a quick bagel and cream cheese....ski till 1 /trust me I get more verts in 5 hrs than the lunch eaters...... and clear out just as the race kids and the school buses are arrriving......and eat lunch on the way home...yep no secret...most skiers are lemmings....gotta play your own tune!
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15 years ago you saw tons of those old school SKI TOTES. They were horrible but everyone locked their skis. I'm surprised at how many people don't lock them these days.

I guess it's just habit. The one time I don't......

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Someday I'll invest in a cable lock - 'til then ski check it is! The lock would be hany when the line is too long.
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No lock. Sometimes split 'em.

If I were in New Jersey (or someplace within reasonable driving distance of New Jersey), I'd probably lock them. This is based on comments from others in previous threads on this same topic, not on watching "The Sopranos." Well, maybe a little. Wouldn't want your wife's Burnin' Luvs to wind up on Meadow's feet.
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Never lock em. I get real nervous at Killington - den of theives. Had alot stolen there. At Killington I lean them against the glass and sit where I can see them. Ski poles are the bigger problem.

One thing to keep in mind. Snow boarders don't use poles. Snow boarders don't usually steal skis. I keep an eye on em anyway.
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Some piece of trash stole my friend's new 2005 Option pro model a few weeks ago at Sunshine Village. Out of habit I still lock my 01-02 Bandit XX's. Will definetely be locking my new 8800's every time. I can't eat comfortably if my skis aren't locked.
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Eat at mid-mountain/summit lodges.

On top of that, having elans this year, which 98% of the public consider to be lousy rental skis, I feel pretty secure that most wouldn't bother to touch my skis and would rather go after that shiny pair of Salomons K2s or Atomics...
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I will lock a snowboard when I am riding, but when on skis I find it easier to just split up the skis. I usually don't stop for lunch, but eat an egg and cheese sandwich first thing in the AM, ski through 2-3ish, then head to the bar for apres ski.

I load up on the calories at Apres Ski!

And I really feel so much safer with my skis than my board . I used to ski Killington for years and was always terrified of somebody stealing my board. My skis are pretty ugly, Fischer 7.6 big stix in black. When I split them up, nobody would be able to find them easily.
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I usually ski 'till I drop and then go home. If I stop for lunch I use ski check, put 'em back on the car, or split them up. When I'm at a destination area I split them up and worry a lot.
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Yep, ski lock all the time. Just like wearing the helmet, I would feel weird and not secured about the skis if I don't lock them. All it takes is a split second for someone to grab the skis and keep walking. It is the hassle of losing the skis and getting new ones and having the rest of your day ruined (no more skiing). No sense since it takes about 30 secs to put the lock on.
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In my last 300 days of skiing, I stopped for lunch once and that one time my new pocket rockets were stolen. I separated them about 80' and I was only gone half an hour. I would like to set up a sting and go vigilante on a ski thief.

By the way, this was half way up Squaw Valley at the Gold Coast restaurant. People grab skis there and ride down the Funatel with them. Squaw's security said it happens a lot. Apparently they don't feel the need to do anything about it.

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Originally Posted by Captain_Strato
They just keep honest people honest.
This also deters the idiots who are so out of it that they inadvertently grab the wrong skis/poles and don't notice the difference. Many times when they finally realize it, they just leave them at the other end of the rack and don't bother to return them to the appropriate location. Or if the ski somehow "fits" their boot, they leave them somewhere else when they come to.
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Why don't more resorts put simple cameras in place to watch the skis?

Seems like an easy way to at least deter some of the idiots.
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Wow, what a unique thread.
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The irony is I don't lock or separate my skis at the hill if I stop (I usually skip lunch and stop to grab a quick snack and fluids during the day), but I do lock them when they're in the bed of my truck. My opinion, if someone wants em bad enough they're gonna get em. Plus my skis are usually marked as well.
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