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Superpass in Salt Lake City

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I just surfed in to this site and form. It has been some great reading. We will be taking a trip to Utah in the middle of March and hope to get in some good skiing on the "greatest snow on earth". I have already read some threads and picked up some good advice and opinions on where to ski.
However, I do have a couple of pressing questions about the "Superpass" 1. Were can I get it? 2. How much does it cost? 3. What areas does it cover? 4. If it doesn't cover all the resorts in the SLC area, is there a place to get discount tickets to other areas?

Thanks for the help. I look forward to being a member of this form.
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1. There is a list of hotels at a web site I have since deleted from my favorites, but I referenced in an earlier post -search
2. $45
3. Brighton, Solitude, Alta, Snowbird
4. Other than Snowbird I bought my tickets at Canyon Sports-slightly cheaper
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The SuperPass is good for the Cottonwood resorts -- Alta, Brighton, Snowbird, or Solitude -- plus round-trip travel on UTA ski buses, city buses, and light-rail. They're $45 this year, and getting them requires staying at a participating hotel or booking as a group. Details here:

For discounted individual passes, check at the ski shops and grocery stores near where you're staying. Here's a few I know of.

Lift House Ski Shop
(Located at the base of Little Cottonwood Canyon)
3698 Fort Union Blvd
Salt Lake City, 84121
(801) 943-1104

Canyon Sports
(Multiple locations)

230 W 10600 S Ste 1700
Sandy, UT 84070
(801) 501-0850

Smith's grocery
(Multiple locations)
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Do as Bolide says; I was at SLC in January, and did exactly that.
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